Cross Trainer Buying Guide

This cross trainer buying guide will help you make the right choice for your exercise ambitions without breaking the bank.

If you are considering buying a cross trainer for your home you have come to the right place. There is a huge range with a baffling array of gadgets and gizmos, so choosing the best cross trainer for your needs can be difficult. We have provided lots of great information below but if you’d rather speak to a personal trainer about your cross trainer needs please feel free to get in touch. See our contact details here.

Cross Trainer Buyers Guide

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Home Cross Trainer Buying Help

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How Are Home Cross Trainers Different From Gym Cross Trainers?

Commercial Cross Trainers: If you have several thousand pounds to spare you will be able to get a cross trainer just like the one in your local gym. These cross trainers have been designed to withstand constant use and a fair amount of neglect. You should expect to pay in the region of £6000 for a true commercial specification machine. These machines should have the following specification:

Commercial Cross Trainer

  • Over 200 kg machine weight,
  • 20 inch stride length. See our stride length guide here.
  • 2.2m total machine length- you will need lots of room!
  • Installation service and warranties that cover constant use in a gym environment.
  • Cardio heart rate features and great programmes.

You can see an example of a commercial specification cross trainer from Life Fitness here (not all Life Fitness cross trainers are commercial specification).


Home Cross Trainers are much smaller so that they can fit in a home rather than a gym. They are also much cheaper cross trainers. The compromise is that the build quality and stride length is reduced. These will not give you the same quality of workout that you can acheive in a gym. However they are a great piece of low impact fitness equipment for entry level or beginner use. You should expect to pay between £100 for the most basic models up to £500 with the following specification:

 JTX X7 Cross Trainer

  • 40-55 kg machine weight
  • A 10-16inch stride length – a shorter stride will restrict your movement. See our stride length guide here.
  • 114 to 140 cm total machine length (this increases with the size of the stride length).
  • Home use only warranty

An example of a great home use cross trainer with a 16 inch stride length is the JTX Fitness Strider X7 Magnetic Cross Trainer.



Semi Commercial Variable Stride Length Cross Trainers: If your budget will stretch to £650 – £800 this cross trainer buying guide recommends a great alternative. These variable stride cross trainers bridge the gap between the smaller home use cross trainer and the superior workout on a gym cross trainers. There are a variety of names for this type of machine including adjustable /  extendible stride length or ‘extended motion technology’.

Professional Cross Trainer

  • Through clever, patented designs, they combine a longer stride length with a compact cross trainer. They allow a machine which is a suitable size for the home (140- 150cm) to accommodate stride lengths of up to 22 inches.
  • These longer stride lengths (of 18 to 22 inches) allow a higher intensity running motion, just like cross trainers at the gym.

Check out the JTX Smart Stride Cross Trainers here for more information.



2-in-1 Cross Trainer Bikes: These are a great option if you are new to fitness. They offer a low impact workout, they are cheap and compact.

2in1 Cross Trainer Bike

  • You can either sit or stand which is great if you are new to regular exercise whilst the  handles provide an upper body workout and stability.
  • If you want to get your heart rate up regularly for general health these cross trainer bikes are a good option.
  • They have a very short stride length so expect to feel like you are doing a brisk walk rather than getting an intensive workout on a gym cross trainer. See our stride length guide here.




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