Cross Trainer Stride Length Guide

Getting a cross trainer with the right stride length will make a big difference to the effectiveness of your workout. If the stride length isn’t long enough you may find that the fluid, low impact, movement that cross trainers are known for is badly affected. Stride lengths that are too short can create an unnatural, jarring, stance and prevent you from working out at your maximum intensity.

We have put together this handy cross trainer stride length selector to help you find the perfect cross trainer for you:

Cross Trainer Stride Length Guide

In general cheap cross trainers have a shorter stride length (up to 16 inches). Gym quality cross trainers generally have a stride length over 20 inches. Machines with larger stride lengths, provide a better workout for a broader range of people.

If more than one person will be using the cross trainer or you would like to vary the intensity of your workout we suggest a cross trainer with an adjustable stride length will be a match made in heaven! Try the JTX Smart Stride for size!

NB. If you go for a cross trainer with a larger stride length than recommended your cross trainer will keep up with your improving fitness levels. So if your budget allows it always try to buy a larger cross trainer stride length than you actually need.

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Cross Trainer Stride Length Frequently Asked Questions

At 6 ft tall you are slightly above the national average. We would recommend going for a cross trainer of between 18 and 22 inches depending on the level of fitness you want to achieve.
No, the stride length just needs to be long enough to stretch your legs out between a walk and a sprint. The longer the stride length the more natural you will feel on a cross trainer.
For a family it’s best to have a cross trainer with an adjustable stride length, this means each family member can change the length for their work out. Check out our ‘Which Cross Trainer Guide‘ to compare prices and stride lengths.  
In general a long stride length is best. But it can have an impact on the size of the machine and the cost. If you want to buy a cross trainer with a long stride length but you are worried about space take a look at the unique JTX Smart Stride Pro. It has a patented design that keeps the size of the machine small but offers the stride length of a cross trainer found in commercial gyms.
If the stride length is too short for your height you may not be able to do a sprint on the machine. You may also experience squeaks and creaks coming from the joints of the machine as they are constantly being overworked. Machines with shorter stride lengths usually have smaller flywheels which also lowers the durability.