Cross Trainer Workouts

These cross trainer workouts have been developed by JTX Fitness. We wanted to help our customers to get the most out of their home cross trainers. But don’t worry, we are happy to share these tips with anyone who’ll listen!

Cross trainers offer a great low impact workout for the whole body. You can lose weight and get fit with a little bit of huffing and puffing on a cross trainer every day. Use your cross trainer for 30 minutes for a minimum of 4 days per week and you won’t believe the results you can achieve.

If you are new to regular cross trainer workouts we recommend you start with the ‘How To Use A Cross Trainer‘ video. If you use a cross trainer regularly at the gym the Cross Trainer Cardio Workout will be perfect. We will regularly update these cross trainer workouts so please come back for more soon! We recommend these cross trainer workouts are done on a cross trainer with a minimum 16 inch stride length. Short stride lengths will limit your workout and stop you from achieving your personal best.

Cross trainers are also called elliptical trainers. Home-use cross trainers vary wildly between basic versions for light walking to gym quality cross trainers. These more robust cross trainers with long stride lengths for running or incline features provide a fantastic high intensity workout. See the full JTX Cross Trainer range here.

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