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Cross Trainer Benefits

Cross trainers are also often referred to as Elliptical Trainers and offer a great alternative to treadmills, exercise bikes and steppers.

Training on a cross trainer has huge cardiovascular benefits which is great for your physique, your health and happiness. When used regularly it will help you lose weight. The great thing about cross training is that these benefits can be realised by training regularly for relatively short periods of time which means it doesn’t have to take over your life.

If you have limited space at home some high specification cross trainers can be surprisingly large- often 2.2m long! Check out our cross trainer size, cost and stride length guides here.

How do cross trainers help you tone up, get fit or lose weight?

Take a look at the large number of muscle groups that you engage when working out on a cross trainer! This fantastic machine will tone and strengthen your quads, hamstrings and calves, your bottom and arms all at the same time! It will also flex your stomach and sides with gentle twisting movements. You can vary the resistance level to improve muscle tone or keep the resistance levels low to achieve cardio and weight loss goals.

Weight loss and calories: Cross trainers are considered by some to be a better form of exercise than a treadmill or exercise bike for burning calories. This is because they work multiple muscle groups at the same time –providing a more intense workout. However there are conflicting research studies which show the number of calories burnt are similar to running on a treadmill.  The number of calories you can burn on a cross trainer will vary based on your age, gender, physical fitness and the amount of effort you exert but as a rough guide it takes and average of 30 minutes to burn off 200 calories.  Find out more about the calories you can burn on a cross trainer.

Health benefits : Cross trainers also provide a fantastic cardio workout for the heart. A few sessions a week on a cross trainer will improve your general aerobic fitness.

Better for your joints: There is no doubt that cross trainers offer a much lower impact workout than running outside and even a treadmill which has a shock absorbers. Your feet don’t leave the supports on a crosstrainer so its much less impact on your knees, joints and back. The low impact design of cross trainers means they reduce the likelihood of sustaining a repetitive strain type injury.

Noise: Cross trainers are also extremely quiet..so if your walls are paper thin, you have a restless baby or you want to be able to watch Eastenders whilst you workout out.. these are the machines for you!

It’s also a fantastic supplementary training option when you are working towards a goal, like a marathon, where constantly repeating one type of exercise might lead to injury eg marathon training. When using a cross trainer you work very similar leg muscles as when you run but because they are fixed on platforms which rotate the impact and stress on the joints in the legs is greatly reduced.