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Cross Trainer Buyers Guide – How To Choose The Best Cross Trainer

If you are considering buying a cross trainer for your home you have come to the right place. There is a huge range with a baffling array of gadgets and gizmos, so choosing the best cross trainer for your needs can be difficult. We aim to help you make the right choice for your exercise ambitions without breaking the bank.

Cross Trainer Benefits:

Firstly we thought it was important to cover why you might buy a cross trainer for the home. Find out more here.

  • All over body workout
  • Weight loss benefits
  • Health benefits (reduce blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart problems, reduce the risk of diabetes)
  • Low impact
  • Quieter than most other home gym equipment

Draw backs:

Make sure you have enough room! Check our size guide for more information.

There can also be a large difference between home specification cross trainers and the ones you have tried in the gym.

How often should I use a cross trainer?

We suggest 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise 4 days per week but this very much depends on your fitness goals and how active you are. Check out our suggested workouts for more information.