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  Sprint 3 Folding Treadmill Reviews

  • 40 x 120 cm belt size
  • 1.75HP power, 3.5HP peak power
  • 14kph max speed
  • 8 degrees incline
  • 48 programmes
  • 1 year home warranty
  • £399

JTX Sprint 3

The perfect mid-range, motorised compact treadmill

5 star rating“My first treadmill”

This is not only my first treadmill but also the very first time I had been on ANY treadmill! I have been dithering about getting one for a very long time but never got around to it, after a bit of a health scare recently I am unable to get out in the great outdoors much at the moment so hubby took the decision out of my hands and treated me. I have now had my treadmill for about 3 weeks and I love it!! I was a bit wary to begin with as I am no spring chicken (60 this year) and am only working quite slowly at the moment, I can do 4kph for a good 10 minutes WOW! but I am getting better each day.
JTX are an excellent company and very quick to respond to emails, when my treadmill arrived there was a slight problem with it, I emailed and within a couple of days the engineer was in my house fixing it.
The machine was easy to put together, the hardest bit was getting it out of the box as it is so heavy but it was up and running within 1 hour.
If I have any kind of complaint it would be that I would have liked a booklet explaining all the different programs as I have no idea what they entail but as I get fitter I will be experimenting.



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 Sprint 5 Motorised Treadmill Reviews

  • 46 x 135cm belt size
  • 2.75HP power, 5.5HP peak power
  • 22kph max speed
  • 10 degrees incline
  • 99 programmes
  • 2 year home warranty
  • £599

JTX Sprint 5

A robust motorised, folding treadmill


5 star rating“Excellent highly delighted”

first class piece of equipment
robust and got all the gadgets thanks for the 5 star service



4 star rating“Great basic functions”

Solidly built, reliable running machine. Good motor, belt, and I like the incline and speed buttons being easily accessible on the handles. Speakers are poor though and it’s not clear how to make use of the pre-programmed ‘routes’. I would recommend the machine overall – just a shame about the speakers.

Good machine overall



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  Sprint 7 Folding Treadmill Reviews

  • 52 x 140cm belt size
  • 3HP power, 6HP peak power
  • 22kph max speed
  • 11 degrees incline
  • 99 programmes
  • 2 year home warranty
  • £749
  • Finance available

JTX Sprint 7

Semi-commercial 8 point shock absorption

5 star rating“Excellent Value”

Excellent robust treadmill and great value for money. Not had much use due to injury but well impressed so far, Was relatively easy to assemble. Great customer service and quick delivery. Definitely recommend!


5 star rating“Great Purchase, Great Service!”

A Commercial standard Treadmill at an extremely reasonable price! A very robust and sturdy piece of equipment (in fact it’s very heavy! so best to have two people when assembling). What attracted me to JTX was the positive reviews I read from various sources and the generous warranty (to offer 2 years warranty, they must have confidence in the products). I love the fact that I can play my music through the integrated speakers and there is space for my water bottle. Great customer service and overall I am very satisfied. My only gripe is the assembly manual/user guide, even though the equipment is 85% pre-assembled the manual is still pretty rubbish! there was no mention at all in the ‘what’s included’ section of the front holding bar, no mention of where to put the lubrication oil and how frequently, and so far I haven’t discovered whether the ‘distance’ is in miles or kilometres. Sorrento Moon


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 Sprint 9 Commercial Treadmill Reviews

  • 52 x 150cm belt size
  • 3HP power, 6HP peak power
  • 22kph max speed
  • 15 degrees incline
  • 24 + 3 custom programmes
  • 2 year home warranty
  • £1299
  • Finance available

JTX Sprint 9 Motorised Treadmill

Commercial, gym-quality treadmill for the home


5 star rating“Really Happy”

This is a really robust piece of kit but looks so sleek too. I love running on it. I have had quite a few injuries in the past so trying not to push myself too hard but it’s just so tempting! Delivery service was really good too.


5 star rating“Fantastic”

Pleased with my new treadmill and the service received from JTX. The delivery was quick. The treadmill is just as it states. The most important thing that you can’t really tell when buying online (which I was nervous about) is if it will wobble etc. This beast won’t move an inch!!!

Would have preferred a meatier manual but it’s adequate enough. Overall I’m impressed.




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