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Vibration Plate Buyers Guide

Vibration Plate Buyers Guide

Vibration plates have been popular in gyms and salons across the UK for many years. They are used to lose weight, to increase muscle strength and tone, and by many for their health benefits. Much of the appeal – and perhaps best of all – they can cut a one hour workout down to just 15 minutes. We’ll explain how in our ‘Do Vibration Plates Work?‘ guide.


The popular brand names you find in the gym can be incredibly expensive, costing many thousands, which had ruled out purchasing a home vibration plate for many people. In recent years the technology has improved and there are more manufacturers so the prospect of owning your own vibration plate is a reality. But where to start? Try this Best Vibration Plate Selector to help you choose.


We’ve tested and trialed all shapes and sizes of vibration plate and we know what you need to look out and what you should be wary of. Use our essential vibration plate buyers guide to cut through the jargon before you part with your hard-earned money because it should be a very worthwhile and satisfying investment.


We aim to answer all those burning questions such as which are best vibration plates for weight loss, should I choose oscillation or vibration, and many more. We also have a friendly team of in-house personal trainers who are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have – call us or use our Live Chat when we’re online.

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