Vibration Training Benefits: Improve Flexibility And Avoid Injury

There are numerous vibration training benefits. This sort of exercise is a great method for improving your flexibility and helping you to avoid nasty injuries. It will keep your muscles long and relaxed after training, and will allow them to recover in time for your next training session. Please keep in mind this blog is not written by a medical practitioner so please consult a doctor if you are injured.

Flexibility is the range of movement around a joint and the muscles that surround it. Improving flexibility should reduce injuries, create greater range of movement, increase co-ordination, break down old scar tissue, and equip you better to reach your fitness goals. The American College of Sports and Medicine has found a direct link between flexibility in the hamstrings and lower back, with muscular pain in the lower back and risk of falling over in older age.

Before working on improving your flexibility it's important to get a bench mark or your current abilities. This way you will be able to track improvements and understand how much you can achieve.

The Sit And Reach Test

The sit and reach test is a great way to measure flexibility. Simply sit on the floor with your legs together and in front of you. Reach for your toes. Measure the distance between your fingers and your toes (whether you can reach past your toes or you can't quite reach them). The average female (1-10cm over) is slightly more flexible than an average male (0-5cm). So many aspects of a person’s physique affects flexibility so don't just compare yourself to a generic average. It's more important to know what you are personally capable of.  Be aware that warming up will make a massive difference to your test results so make a note of what exercise or warm up you have done prior to the test.

Now lets work on improving your flexibility with a vibration plate.

vibration training benefits

A vibration plate will reduce the amount of time you need to stretch for and will increase the intensity of the stretch. There are a huge range of vibration plates on the market. Tri-plane vibration plates, like the JTX Pro-10 are generally much more appropriate for stretching and toning than oscillation plates. We suggest using dynamic stretching such as lunging or squatting. Static stretches can also work well. For more tips see our vibration training videos here:

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