Cardio Workout Tips

A cardio workout is great if you want to feel physically fitter or if you want to shed a few pounds. If you’re someone who gets out of breath walking up a steep hill, cardiovascular exercise is the way forward. It not only promotes weight loss but it increases the efficiency of both your heart and lungs.

When you get going with your cardio here are some things you should think about:


To prepare your body for cardiovascular exercise your diet should be in check. It is sometimes hard to balance your diet on a busy work schedule or if you have an intolerance. Your diet and nutrition should account for the extra exercise you are doing as it will burn more calories. Keep an eye on what you are eating and if you need any guidance speak to a nutritionist.

Don't Just Run

When you think about the word cardiovascular a lot of people associate it with running. However, you don’t need to just run on a treadmill for a cardiovascular challenge. You might get bored and lose motivation if you just stick to one form of exercise all the time. Home rowing machines, cross trainers and swimming can also train your cardiovascular system. Using a cross trainer like our JTX Strider-X7: Home Cross Trainer for  twenty minutes, three times a week can really start to help you burn fat and increase your cardio health.

Mental Health

As mentioned a cardio workout is great for your health and fitness but it's also great for your mental health. Do you want to feel less stressed? Do you want to increase your levels of confidence? Cardio exercise has been a major factor in many clinical trials that look at reducing anxiety and depression. Harvard Medical School state the effectiveness of this sort of exercise is due to both the chemical reaction your body has as well as the behavioural aspects of the workout.

These are just a few pointers about cardio that can help you along your way. Once you get started you'll find the way your body works best and you will progress nicely. Keep us in the loop and let us know how you get on with your workouts.