8 Unusual Places To Find Treadmills

We all expect to find treadmills in the gym, but what about in the office or outer space? It turns out that treadmills are used for far more than we imagine. Prepare to be surprised as we reveal 8 unusual places to find a treadmill.

1. Outer Space!

Space Treadmill

The TVIS (Treadmill with Vibration Isolation Stabilisation System). Designed so that astronauts can keep fit in space. It allows astronauts to run without vibrating delicate microgravity science experiments in adjacent labs.

2. The Military

Army Treadmill

The U.S. Army are doing research using omnidirectional treadmills which allows the user to move in any direction. This technology is combined with several large screens to create a virtual environment.

3. Horse Stables

Horse Treadmill

For health and training reasons horses (particularly race horses) are placed on a specially designed large treadmill.

4. Game Design

Game Treadmill

Used in game design and animation to record actor's movements for virtual game characters.

5. Hospitals

Hospital Treadmill

Some hospitals are using special Anti-Gravity Treadmills. These treadmills use air pressure to change a person's weight when running by up to 80%.

6. Skiing And Snowboarding

Snow Treadmill

A special treadmill called the endless slope is used by skiers and snowboarders. It enables them to practice techniques without the need for snow and sub-zero temperatures. Below are some skiers training on a endless slope in Sandyford, Dublin.

7. In The Office

Office Treadmill

Designed to keep you active at work this treadmill is attached under your desk so you can exercise whilst on the computer.

8. Victorian Prison

Victorian Prison Treadmill

Primarily used as a form of punishment in the British prison system during the 1840's. Prisoners would walk for hours on a high incline to power water pumps or mine ventilators.

Let us know if you spot any treadmills in unusual places. Although our treadmills are not so unusual as the ones in our list, they are stylish, effective and practical. Click here to see our range of home treadmills.