Tennis Drills: Improve Your Speed And Agility

These 5 tennis drills will help your tennis game by increasing both your speed and agility. They should be performed on your home treadmill and vibration plate for best results, but can also be carried out without any gym equipment at home.

1. Step-Ups

(Vibration Plate: 30 Hz, or, on a step)

This exercise will work on quick feet and keeping you on your toes which is essential for your movement the tennis court. Step on and off the vibration plate as quickly as possible. This exercise should last for 60 seconds, half way through make sure you change your leading leg to ensure an equal workout. Repeat this exercise 3 times for maximum effect.

2. Lateral Hops

(Vibration Plate: 30 Hz, or, on a step)

These lateral hops will help with your side to side movement on the court as well as your ability to push off with one leg. Standing sideways on to your vibration plate hop on and then off again. Try to keep yourself as balanced as possible throughout. This exercise again should be done for 60 seconds, changing legs after 30 seconds. Go on to repeat this exercise 3 times.

3. Jump and Reach

(Vibration Plate: 30 Hz, or, on a step)

This will enable you to be able to push off quickly, have a quick reaction time and will also help improve your reach in your serve. Start with your knees slightly bent and your hands by your side. Whilst swinging your arms jump up and power onto the plate. At the same time push your hands as high as possible stretching upwards. Step back off of the plate and repeat for 60 seconds. Perform this set of 60 seconds 3 times.

4. Bobsleigh Runs

(Treadmill turned off)

This is an exercise designed to help develop speed around the tennis court. Making sure your treadmill is turned off, position yourself on the treadmill with your hands holding onto the supporting bars. Lean forwards and move your legs to drive the treadmill belt as fast as possible, making sure you have a high knee lift. Do this short explosive sprint burst for 6 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds and repeat. Do this for 1 min, rest for a minute and then repeat the exercise again.

5. Sprint Training

(Treadmill set to quickest speed you can run at)

These short sprints are similar to the time and distance you would cover during points in your tennis match. Turn the machine onto the quickest speed you can run at and stand on the side supports. Using the arm supports start running on the treadmill, once you feel comfortable taking your hands away from the supports do so to begin sprinting.

Complete a 10 second sprint before jumping back off onto the side supports. Rest for 10 seconds before doing the exercise again for another 10 seconds. Complete this alternate on/off sprinting for a minute, before resting for 30 seconds. Continue this cycle of sprinting and resting for another 2 minutes.

These tennis drills should help to show a marked improvement in your performance on the court as well as aiding your general fitness. Remember, after any exercise always make sure to cool down properly so as to prevent any injuries.

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