Golf Exercises: 6 Exercises For Home Or In The Gym

Our director is a golf fanatic! His ears pricked up when the coach for a famous Ryder Cup player put in a large order for our high power vibration plates. Here are 6 golf exercises that will help you improve your power and flexibility. You can do these on the floor, or for quicker results, on a vibration plate.

Instructions for Golf Exercises:

1. Side Split Squat

Place your feet well over shoulder width apart. Squat down and over to one side and lean back on your heals to engage your glutes. Switch from one side to the other, alternating the leg stretched. When you come down into the squat you should feel the stretch in your inner thighs and feel your glutes engaging. Complete a set of 10 repetitions. If doing this exercise on a vibration plate do one leg for ten reps then switch over legs. If doing it on the floor alternate between the two legs with every squat.

2. Side and Front Leg Swing

If you’re performing this on the floor hold onto something to stay balanced. Swing your leg forwards, up and back 8 times before switching legs. This really helps with the flexibility in your core muscles for that perfect swing. Do the same thing again but to the side. This time, if you are on the floor, place your hands on your hips to help with your balance. Swing your leg in front of your body from side to side for 8 repetitions. Remember to do the same for both legs as with all the golf exercises described here. If doing this exercise on the vibration plate just hold onto the bars when appropriate.

3. Twister

This exercise incorporates the fitness ball into your routine. It will help to increase the power in your golf swing by strengthening your oblique abdominal muscles. Get into a press up position with your hands on the vibration plate or floor, place your shins on the ball. Roll from side to side so your outer foot touches the floor each time you roll to that side. Initiate the movement from your hips and complete 12 repetitions. Do this 3 times a week for best results.

4. Stomach Crunch

Use a ball to increase the difficulty of this exercise. It will help you with your power. Lie on your back and place the ball between your legs. Place your hands behind your head and make sure your legs are bent at the knee to 90 degrees. Raise your shoulder blades off of the floor and then lower yourself back down. To increase the power and difficulty bring your legs towards you as well. Repeat this exercise until your are too fatigued to continue.

5. Golf Squat

This is great for further strengthening your glutes and the large muscles in your back, which control your golf club during your swing. Holding a 10 lb dumbbell with both hands and with your feet shoulder width apart, or a touch further, hold the same position as you would take up for your swing. Get down into a squat before rising to the right hand side, your weight should go over your right foot, bend your arms with the weight over your shoulder. Your left foot should be off the floor as you would stand during your swing.

Repeat this turning to the other side. Repeat this on both sides, rotating your hips around to face, what would be, the target if you were making a golf swing. You want to repeat at least 10 repetitions of this.

6. Hip, Trunk and Lat Rotation

Increase the range of movement in your shoulders, lats and hips with this exercise. Put your left foot forward onto the vibration plate / floor, and lower into the lunge position. Hover the right knee above the floor. Raise your right arm up and over your head and lean to the left. Hold the position for 3 breathes then repeat on the opposite side.

All of these golf exercises in this list will really help you improve your game. They will also help with your general fitness and can fit in nicely with any exercise routine.