Back Relaxing On A Vibration Plate

This back relaxing exercise is great for reducing back pain as well as toning your glutes. It is performed on a vibration plate and really helps to relieve any tension that may be lingering. It should be performed correctly to get the best results. If you have any doubts about performing this exercise please ask the advice of a medical professional.

Back Relaxing Instructions:

Begin by placing the soft accessory mat onto the vibration plate and sit on it. Place your feet firmly on the floor just in front of the vibration plate so that your legs are bent at both the hips and the knees.

Allow your back to round as you slowly lean forwards and extend your arms out between your legs. This makes sure that your hands are able to rest comfortably on the floor.

Only use a range of motion that suits you, don’t push yourself too far. If you overreach during this exercise it is possible that injury may occur. Stay comfortable and relaxed all the way through it.

The gentle vibration should relax your back, hip and thigh areas.

The back relaxing exercise should not be a strenuous exercise for your body. It should be relaxing and help to stretch out your muscles.