Cardio Heart Rate Training Strap| Polar Compatible

Polar Compatible Heart Rate Chest Strap

Get even more from your JTX Fitness equipment and your training with the Polar heart rate strap.

Get Results Faster with Heart Rate Training

Get even more from your JTX Fitness equipment and your training with the Polar Hear Rate Sensor and heart-rate controlled programs. Taking advantage of Polars’ industry leading tracking hardware, the Polar compatible machine wirelessly connects to the chest strap and tracks your heart rate with Polar accuracy. Target heart rate training can be used to assist goals ranging from fat burning and weight loss to maximum aerobic capacity development. A target heart rate zone is selected before working out based on the users’ individual goal. The Polar Heart Rate Sensor then works together with the computer to auto-adjust the resistance or speed to keep you in your target zone as you smash your way towards your goal.

Polar Compatible Fitness Equipment

The following JTX Fitness equipment is Polar compatible: Cross Trainers JTX Strider-X7: Magnetic Cross Trainer, JTX Tri-Fit: Incline Cross Trainer, JTX Transition: Folding Cross Trainer, JTX Zenith: Gym Cross Trainer Treadmills JTX Sprint-5: Home Treadmill, JTX Sprint-7: Home Treadmill XL, JTX Sprint-9: Superior Gym Treadmill Exercise Bikes JTX Cyclo-5: Upright Exercise Bike, JTX Cyclo-5S: Upright Exercise Bike, JTX Cyclo5: Recumbent Exercise Bike, JTX Cyclo-5S: Recumbent Exercise Bike. Rowing Machines JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine