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JTX Slim-Fit: Home Vibration Plate



A compact but powerful home vibration plate + workout DVD, poster and power straps. Get a full gym workout in 15 minutes.

JTX Slim-Fit Home Vibration Plate Features


This powerful vibration board or plate uses tri-plane vibrations. This style of whole body vibration training can be found in gym vibration plates and Personal Power Plates. It uses an intense buzzing style of vibration which moves very quickly in three directions (up/down, left/right, backward and forward). It is usually combined with simple exercises like lunges and squats to create the best weight loss and fitness results. Plus its compact, portable design means you can store it under a bed or in a cupboard when its not in use.

Powerful Whole Body Vibrations

Ideal for toning muscles, building strength, weight loss and rehabilitation, this compact and portable vibration plate is powered by tri-plane vibrations for fast and efficient results.

Please be aware there are a lot of equally small vibration plates available in the UK. Most of these will be oscillation plates which are less effective than gym vibration plates. Often referred to as 2D, 3D or 4D oscillation plates, these machines have a see-saw motion and not an intense buzzing movement like the JTX Slim-Fit: Home Vibration Board and other gym vibration plates. Please call us or see our buying guide for more information about the differences between oscillation and whole body, tri-plane vibration plates.

4 Speed settings

There are 4 speed settings: 35, 40, 45 and 50Hz. This indicates the number of times the machine moves per second and creates an intense buzzing feeling. If you have not tried whole body vibration training before, we suggest you start off with the lowest setting (35Hz) for 30 seconds per exercise. Then as you get fitter and stronger increase the intensity and length of each workout.

Free Vibration Plate DVD and Poster

Also includes an easy to follow JTX Vibration Workout DVD and poster to help you achieve your weight-loss and slimming goals. No experience of vibration plate training needed. If you would like further advice our in-house fitness experts will be at the end of the phone to help.

Power Straps Included

The JTX Slim-Fit: Vibration Board comes with exercise straps. These are included for arm and upper body exercises and will help you to achieve a whole body workout.

Best Small Fitness Equipment

At only 16cm high the JTX Slim-Fit: Vibration Board is ideal for storing under a bed or sofa. The transport wheels allow this powerful vibrating platform to be easily moved and then hidden away after use.

Workout Area68(w)cm x 58(d)cm
MotorDC Motor
Frequency35-50Hz (vibrations per second)
AmplitudeHigh / Low
Computer ConsoleRemote control
Workout Programs3 Easy to follow exercise programs
Dimensions16(h) x 68(w) x 58(d) cm
Boxed Dimensions16(h) x 68(w) x 58(d) cm
Maximum User Weight120kg
Machine Weight20 Kg
Transport WheelsYes
Free AccessoriesWorkout DVD, workout poster, powerstraps,
Assembly timeNone

Vibration Plate Terminology

Tri-Plane Vibration plates move across three planes; forward and back, side to side, and up and down. These professional vibration plates can often be found in gyms and are great for toning muscles, building strength, weight loss and rehabilitation. Workouts are carried out with a range of upright exercises like squats and lunges, as well as floor exercises such as sit ups and press ups – used properly, a full body workout can be achieved in just 15 minutes.

There is extensive research to back up their fitness and rehabilitation credentials (including NASA testing).

Oscillation vibration plates have a see-saw motion which is less intense than tri-plane vibrations. They work simply by holding a static position – either standing straight or with knees slightly bent – and letting the oscillations do the hard work. This focuses the workout on your legs, bottom and stomach.

Measured in mm, it refers to the peak to peak displacement of the vibration. A higher amplitude increases the extent of the movement and therefore the intensity of your vibration training.

This is important when choosing a vibration plate. The frequency is how fast the plate can vibrate and it is measured in impulses per second. For example, at 60 hz the plate will move up and down 60 times a second. The higher the frequency the harder the workout because of the force applied to your muscles and bones increases. We advise a lower frequency to start with and for working with injuries. Low frequency vibrations can be used for massage/stretching after an intense workout.

2 Year in Home Warranty

This vibration platform comes with a 2 year in-home repair warranty with all parts and labour included. Warranties are registered automatically when you buy and there are no hidden terms and conditions. In the unlikely event that your machine does have a problem, we will arrange a specialist engineer to visit your home at a convenient time to fix it. It’s that simple. Find out more about our in-home warranties here.


JTX Fitness equipment comes with a fantastic 28 day ‘no-quibble’ returns policy. We hope that you are delighted with your purchase but if you are not 100% happy, we will collect your order and offer a full refund (minus collection costs) within 28 days of purchase.


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FREE Vibration Training Starter Kit

The JTX Slim-Fit: Vibration Board includes a workout DVD and workout poster to help you get the best slimming and toning results from your vibration plate. It also includes exercise straps, designed to extend the range of muscle groups that are exercised when using the vibration platform. The exercise straps are made from high grade engineered fabric and are used for static exercises. By attaching them to the sides of the plate the vibrations are transmitted from the plate to the arms and upper body. This allows users to tone up arms and upper body with simple bicep curls or shoulder presses.

FREE Personalised Training Plan and Support

As well as stocking the very best fitness equipment we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their long term fitness goals. To get you off to the best possible start we offer all new customers a FREE personalised training plan from an in-house Personal Trainer. To keep you motivated beyond the initial buzz, we regularly update our workout video library and share the latest news from our growing network of health and fitness experts.

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