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JTX Oscillation and Vibration Accessories



Designed for use with our oscillation style vibration plates, this kit has everything you need to get started.

Upper Body Strengthening and Toning

The exercise straps included in this starter kit are designed to extend the range of muscle groups it is possible to work when using a vibration plate. Made from high grade engineered fabric, they are used for static exercises. By attaching them to the sides of the vibration plate, the vibrations are transmitted from the plate to the arms and upper body. This allows users to complete upper body exercises such as bicep curls or shoulder presses

Vibration Plate Training and Suport

The starter kit also includes a JTX Workout DVD and workout poster. The poster is ready for the salon wall and the poster can be utilised by salon owners to educate clients or by individuals to improve their home training. If you need further assistance, an in house personal trainer will be at the end of the phone to help if needed.