Folding Treadmills

JTX Slim-Line: Compact Folding Treadmill | Space Saving Design

JTX Slim-Line: Fold Away Compact Treadmill

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JTX Sprint-3 Small Folding Treadmill

JTX Sprint-3: Electric Treadmill

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JTX Sprint 5 Folding Treadmill For Home Use

JTX Sprint-5: Home Treadmill

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Large Home Treadmill from JTX Fitness

JTX Sprint-7: Large Motorised Treadmill



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Folding Treadmills
JTX Sprint-9: Folding Gym Treadmill

JTX Sprint-9: Folding Gym Treadmill



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JTX Club-Pro: Professional Treadmill

JTX Club-Pro: Professional Treadmill



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JTX Club-Max: Commercial Treadmill

JTX Club-Max: Commercial Treadmill



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Treadmills For Sale: Size Guide

Treadmill Footprints

Use the dimensions below, along with the visual guide on the left to ensure you're choosing the treadmill that will fit in the space you have.

Slime-Line - 157cm (l) x 73cm (w)

Sprint-3 - 162cm (l) x 74cm (w)

Sprint-5 - 177cm (l) x 79cm (w)

Sprint-7 - 179cm (l) x 88cm (w)

Sprint-9 - 205cm (l) x 92cm (w)

Room To Run

We recommend that you give yourself some room around the treadmill. At least 30cm of space between any wall and the machine will be fine. You'll also want to consider the height of the machine if you have low ceilings. You can find the floor to deck height of each machine in its specifications. Add this to your own height to ensure you'll have enough head room.


If you've been looking at running machines, we have the perfect range to suit your every need. Whether you’re hoping to get fit and lose weight, you're in training for an event, or you want to give your knees a rest from pavements. Treadmills offer a fantastic fitness solution for users of all abilities: come rain or shine, you can get into the zone, listening to your favourite tunes – no excuses.

The JTX Slim-Line Flat Folding Treadmill can be stored under a bed or in a cupboard, ideal for anyone with limited space. The JTX Sprint range of treadmills feature a dual-hydraulic folding and safety lock system. This allows you to quickly and safely fold your folding treadmill into a more compact size.

Motor Power

An important consideration when choosing a motorized treadmill is the horsepower rating of its motor. A stronger motor will be able to handle heavier users, faster speeds and will last longer compared to a treadmill with a smaller motor. Treadmills are available with motor ratings as low as 1.25 horsepower; these treadmills are usually entry-level models that are suitable for brisk walks and light use. High-end commercial treadmills range up to 4.0 horsepower and are built to withstand constant use in a gym setting. As you would expect, treadmills with smaller motors are often less expensive than their more powerful counterparts. We recommend a motor with a horsepower rating of at least 1.5 hp. Horsepower ratings for running machines can be confusing because there is no standard way of presenting the information. Some manufacturers prefer to list the peak horsepower rating. This is the maximum amount of power the motor is capable of producing. Another rating is continuous horsepower, which is a measure of the constant power of the motor while it is running at a continuous speed. It doesn’t overly matter which rating you use but is important to make sure you are comparing like with like.

Belt Size (Running Area)

When you choose a treadmill for your home gym, it’s important to find one that suits your height, supports your weight and will fit in the available space. While treadmill specifications often list the deck length and width, we recommend you base your buying decision on the size of the belt (running area), opting for one that is at least 125 cm (49”) long and 41 cm (16”) wide. If you are over 6ft, we would recommend a belt size of 140 cm (55”) or more to ensure a comfortable stride when running.


Treadmills provide a great variety of workouts, allowing you to set a pace that suits for your level of fitness and ability. The treadmill's speed and incline, your weight, height and gender all contribute to the rate that you burn calories as you work toward your goal.


Running for 20 minutes on a treadmill involves all the major muscles of the body, builds cardiovascular endurance and burns calories. As a rough guide, running for 20 minutes at 6 mph will burn appropriately 230 calories, while running at 8 mph will burn approximately 300 calories.


When walking on a running machine, increasing your pace will help burn more calories. Try to avoid holding onto the machine and instead, swing your arms briskly as you walk. Walking on a treadmill at 3 mph will burn appropriately 70 calories in 20 minutes of exercise, or 220 calories per hour.

Interval Training

Interval training involves short bursts of intense exercise followed by a recovery period. For example, 5 minutes of running alternating with 2 minutes of walking. This style of training is really great for enhancing your fitness levels and will burn more calories than traditional cardio.


Setting the treadmill at an incline will burn more calories and help build lower body strength compared with walking on level ground. Walking on an incline of 10 percent will burn approximately 170 calories in 20 minutes.

HR Training

Your Heart rate gives an objective measurement of how your cardio-respiratory system is working. The harder you work, the higher your heart rate will be and the more calories you will burn. Using a heart rate monitor during your workout will enable you to gauge the intensity of your workout and either scale back the intensity or crank it up. The JTX Sprint 5, 7 and 9 treadmills include HR training programs which will auto-adjust your speed and incline to maintain your target heart rate.

Our folding treadmills prioritise superior build quality and an enjoyable run above all else. The high-quality motors are quiet and the running decks fold away easily, making them the perfect fitness solution for your home gym.


Industry Leading Warranties

We are the sole manufacturer and retailer of JTX Fitness equipment. This means we can make sure there are no grey areas, your relationship is with us and we take responsibility for everything from sales to returns. You can relax as your warranty will be registered automatically when you buy and there are no hidden terms or conditions. All our warranties are served in the home. If you ever need assistance we will send a specialist engineer to your home, free of charge. Find out more about our in-home servicing warranties here.

Treadmill Reviews

Our treadmill reviews are authenticated and published by TrustPilot. Giving you complete confidence in them as independent, authentic reviews from genuine customers. We are committed to ensuring the highest quality of both our equipment and our service and are very proud of our outstanding reviews as a result.

28 Day Money Back Guarantee

JTX Fitness equipment comes with a fantastic 28 day ‘no-quibble’ returns policy. We hope that you are delighted with your purchase but if you are not absolutely happy, we will collect your order and offer a full refund (minus collection costs) within 28 days of purchase. Find out more about our 28 day money back guarantee here.

Visit our Sussex Showroom

Why not come and visit us in Sussex? You can see our fully stocked showroom, get to know us a bit better and put our gym equipment through its paces. Just remember to bring your trainers! We are open Monday to Friday during office hours.


FREE Next Day Delivery

We offer a FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY service for all mainland UK customers. Order today before 3pm and your new treadmill could be with you tomorrow! If you are ordering from outside the UK mainland, please give our customer service team a call and they'll be happy to help. Read more about our delivery service.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals Faster

Designed for results, our running machines take inspiration from leading commercial brands. Superior build quality, credible specifications and our unrivaled customer support will help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals for the long term.

Expert Knowledge Before and After You Buy

As well as stocking the very best fitness equipment we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their long term fitness goals. To get you off to the best possible start we offer all new customers a FREE personalised training plan from an in-house Personal Trainer. To keep you motivated beyond the initial buzz, we regularly update workout video library and share the latest news from our growing network of health and fitness experts.

Designed to Enhance Your Home

Our treadmills are designed to aesthetically enhance your home and improve your quality of life. They all have the specification you need to make the most of the convenience of home training. Helping you continually take steps towards a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Buy Direct for Great Prices and Support

We are the sole manufacturer and retailer of JTX Fitness equipment. Essentially this means we cut out the middle man enabling us to offer unrivaled value. We only sell the highest quality equipment at incredibly competitive prices.


We've teamed up with the UK’s leading independent reviews company, Trustpilot, to collect feedback from our customers following their purchase – you can be sure that all the treadmill reviews you read here are genuine and unbiased. Whether you're looking for durability, functionality or power, our running machines have excellent reviews across the board.

Purchased the JTX 9 Sprint Treadmill last October and not looked back. Easy to set up and good helpful guys to answer questions. Brilliant heavy duty machine just as good as the one I used at the local gym -before it closed! NOW I have my own little gym here at home. Use it Monday -Friday, it has become my life saver! Losing weight and getting fit AND enjoying myself! Thank you JTX!

Hilly Kendrick (TrustPilot Reviewer)

Very impressed with JTX and their Sprint 7 treadmill, I looked at JTX as my friend had the Sprint 5 and I was impressed. I spent a lot of time speaking with JTX via their online chat before buying deciding on a model, the presales support was superb. I placed my order on a Thursday and had my running machine by Monday AM, it was very straight forward to set up and took less than 10 minutes. I've had the running machine for 3 weeks now and I'm struggling to find any important differences between my Sprint 7 and commercial running machines I used for so many years in the gym. The build quality is great, it's incredibly sturdy and I'm still getting quick efficient assistance from JTX when I need it, coupled with the 2 yr in home warranty I'm incredibly pleased, great value for my money. Thanks, JTX!

Shane Cockram (TrustPilot Reviewer)

Absolutely delighted with the quality of this machine and the excellent customer service provided by this fantastic company! As a relatively quick runner, I was after something that still felt solid and reliable at quicker speeds. 17 and 18 kph. This feels as smooth at 18kph as it does at 10 kph and is also very quiet. It feels and looks like a gym spec model. Looking forward to a winter of speed and hill work before a sub 3 marathon attempt in the spring. Would recommend the company to all family and friends. Fraser M

Fraser McCallum (TrustPilot Reviewer)