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What are Spin® Bikes?

Spinner®, Spinning® and Spin® are brand terms that are trademarked by the California based company Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. You might see these indoor cycling bikes at the gym or in cycle studios. They are used for high intensity cardio training. JTX Fitness specialise in a range of indoor cycling bikes which help you achieve the same fitness goals.

What Are Indoor Cycling Bikes?

JTX indoor cycling bikes are designed for high-intensity cardio training, either at home or in a commercial gym environment. Our range of studio-style bikes, which you can browse above, allow you to replicate the experience of a cycle studio class. We achieve outstanding reviews and offer up to 3 years warranties, included in the price.

Indoor Cycling Bikes

Indoor Cycling Bikes Reviews, Advice and Benefits

Benefits Of Indoor Cycling

Strengthen and Tone

Training on indoor cycling bikes will strengthen and tone your leg muscles. Primary muscles: quadriceps (front of the thighs), glutes (bottom), hamstrings (back of the thighs), calves (back of the leg below then knee) and hip flexors (bottom of the stomach). Hill climbs will also help to strengthen your torso.

Weight Loss

Indoor cycling training is a very effective form of exercise for weight loss. The number of calories burned will depend on your age, gender, fitness levels and effort. A young man can burn around 500 calories cycling for 30 minutes at around 17mph. Once you’ve finished your cycle your body continues working to repair the muscles used during your workout. This burns calories even once you’ve finished exercising.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Exercising on indoor cycling bikes is an effective and simple form of cardiovascular exercise. Cardio training can help you prepare for marathons or just help you deal better with daily demands. A healthy cardiovascular system increases the supply of oxygen to your blood and the supply of energy to your body. It helps reduce your risk of stroke and disease and can lower blood pressure.

Endorphin Rush & Stress Relief

Releases hormones that can improve your mood, help you sleep better and relieves stress.

Improve Your Sport

An indoor cycling bike can be more than a piece of home gym equipment. It can allow for specific training focused towards the discipline of road cycling. The controlled environment that an indoor cycling bike produces can help improve and track your cycling fitness as well as improve your technique. Indoor cycling bikes let you work on the elements you need to improve on, whatever the weather! You'll really notice the difference when you take your road bike for a spin at the weekend or when the lighter, warmer months come round.

Low Impact Exercise

The low impact nature of indoor bikes make them a good option if you want to lessen any risk of injury or strain. Their smooth motion and low impact action combine to make a workout that is easy on your muscles and joints. As long as your bike is properly configured and set up in line with your biomechanics the pressure is taken off of knees and ankles making indoor cycling a popular alternative to higher impact activities such as running.

Convenient and Cost Effective

Our bikes are compact and sleek machines that don’t take up much space. They also let you make maximum use of your time: you can watch TV, read a book or listen to music as you workout. Cheaper than paying gym fees, all of our bikes come with fantastic warranties that ensure you get years of exercise out of them.

Buying an Indoor Cycling Bike For Home?

If you’ve taken part in a Spinning® class or used a Spin® bike at your gym you’ll be aware of the type of high intensity workout you can achieve. Working out in a group can help improve motivation. However having an indoor bike at home will mean you can benefit from the convenience of exercising regularly without the time constraints of going to the gym or waiting for your next class.

Exercise Bike Flywheel Size

The flywheel size of a bike is important as it will determine the bike’s maximum resistance. An enjoyably smooth and silent ride is also only possible with a large flywheel, if the flywheel is too small the ride will be more jerky.

Adjustable Seating Position

To enjoy cycling as a low impact, long term form of exercise it is vitally important the bike is set up perfectly in line with your biomechanics. As such a fully adjustable bike is highly recommended.


The key considerations with a cycling computer are accuracy and options. You will want confidence in your data and it is worth checking what is tracked as the number of metrics recorded do vary. Programs are a great way to vary your workouts and stay motivated.

Build Quality

This is clearly vitally important but notoriously difficult to decipher online. It is worth checking out the total product weight here as lower quality, less stable bikes will tend to weigh less.


Often warranties are from the original manufacturer rather than the company you bought the machine from. Make sure the warranty covers in-home repairs or the delivery and collection costs for your machine. Otherwise you may find bike repairs which cost as much as the original purchase.

Where To Put Your Indoor Bike

We recommend you choose a position with access to a sound system, TV, a picture you love or a great view. We recommend you choose somewhere near a window for a bit of help keeping cool. Allow for 30 cm around the base of the bike for easy access before and after your workout. Our indoor cycling bikes come with wheels to allow you to move them into storage after your workout. Our customers often use a garage to store their fitness equipment We suggest you take care to ensure there is no damp and that you keep your indoor cycling bike covered.

Check Customer Reviews

Reviews are a great way to understand if a company is as good as they say they are. We collate our reviews in association with TrustPilot, which means you can be absolutely sure they are independent, authentic reviews from genuine customers.

Money Back Guarantees

If you are buying fitness equipment over the internet make sure you have the right to change your mind once you have assembled the machine and tried it out. Most reputable companies have a 28 day money back guarantee as long as you return it in the original packaging and pay for delivery costs. See our ‘no quibbles’ returns policy.

After The Warranty Period

If the machine has a short warranty period it’s worth enquiring how much it will cost to fix the machine and the cost of parts.


Industry Leading Warranties

We are the sole manufacturer and retailer of JTX Fitness equipment. This means we can make sure there are no grey areas, your relationship is with us and we take responsibility for everything from sales to returns. You can relax as your warranty will be registered automatically when you buy and there are no hidden terms or conditions. All our warranties are served in the home. If you ever need assistance we will send a specialist engineer to your home, free of charge. Read more about our in-home service warranties here.

Independent Reviews

Our exercise bike reviews are authenticated and published by TrustPilot. Giving you complete confidence in them as independent, authentic reviews from genuine customers. We are committed to ensuring the highest quality of both our equipment and our service and are very proud of our outstanding reviews as a result.

28 Day Money Back Guarantee

JTX Fitness equipment comes with a fantastic 28 day ‘no-quibble’ returns policy. We hope that you are delighted with your purchase but if you are not absolutely happy, we will collect your order and offer a full refund (minus collection costs) within 28 days of purchase. Find out more about our 28 day money back guarantee here.

Visit our Sussex Showroom

Why not come and visit us in Sussex? You can see our fully stocked showroom, get to know us a bit better and put our gym equipment through its paces. Just remember to bring your trainers! We are open Monday to Friday during office hours.


Achieve Your Fitness Goals Faster

Designed for results, our bikes take inspiration from leading commercial brands. Superior build quality, credible specifications and our unrivalled customer support will help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals for the long term.

Expert Knowledge Before and After You Buy

As well as stocking the very best fitness equipment we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their long term fitness goals. To get you off to the best possible start we offer all new customers a FREE personalised training plan from an in-house Personal Trainer. To keep you motivated beyond the initial buzz, we regularly update our workout video library and share the latest news from our growing network of health and fitness experts.

Designed to Enhance Your Home

Our bikes are designed to aesthetically enhance your home and improve your quality of life. They all have the specification you need to make the most of the convenience of home training. Helping you continually take steps towards a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Buy Direct for Great Prices and Support

We are the sole manufacturer and retailer of JTX Fitness equipment. Essentially this means we cut out the middle man enabling us to offer unrivalled value. We only sell the highest quality equipment at incredibly competitive prices.

Indoor Cycling Bike Reviews