JTX SPD Pedals

SPD clip-in and flat pedal in one. This pedal will fit JTX exercise bike range as well as standard UK road or mountain bikes.

SPD Pedal Features

Whether you're cycling on a JTX exercise bike, or an outdoor road bike, enhance your workout with the JTX SPD clip-in pedals.

What are SPD clip-in pedals?

SPD clip-in pedals are a two-piece system which allows you to attach your cycling shoe to your bike pedals. One piece is the pedal itself, which has a locking mechanism. The other is a cleat, this part attaches to your cycling shoe. You can then clip your shoe to your pedal, which creates a strong attachment, so you have more control over the pedals.

Available in two thread sizes, our SPD pedals are compatible with the following JTX exercise bikes:

18mm SPD Pedals:

JTX Cyclo-6 (If purchased before 31st October 2019)

JTX Cyclo Studio (If purchased before 31st October 2019)

Standard 14.2mm (9-16") SPD Pedals:

JTX Cyclo Go

JTX Cyclo-3

JTX Cyclo-5

JTX Cyclo-6 (If purchased after 31st October 2019)

JTX Cyclo-Studio (If purchased after 31st October 2019)

SPD pedals are also known as clip-in pedals, clip pedals and, most confusingly, clipless pedals.

SPD pedals benefits

SPD pedals are a sure fire way to raise your cycling game. They're designed to help you produce maximum power output by giving you a stable connection to your bike.

Maximum Power

Cycling with regular pedals doesn't maximise your power output. This is because when your pedal is in an upstroke, you can't fully lift your foot from the pedal, as it would go flying off. You have to maintain a tiny amount of downward pressure to keep in contact with the pedal. The upshot of this is that your legs are working against each other and your power output suffers. With SPD pedals, you have a solid connection to the pedals, and can fully lift your foot up on each upstroke: maximising your power output.

Chose From SPD or Flat

The JTX clip-in pedals are combination pedals, which means one side is clip-in, while the other is flat. If you don't fancy clipping in, you can still ride on.

Increased Efficiency

Using SPD pedals gives you more opportunity to transform your movement into power. With regular pedals, the only opportunity to do this is when you're pushing downwards on the pedal. Because you're clipped in with SPD pedals, more of your movement will create power. Your sweep around and pull back up can also power you forwards.

Engage More Muscles

Whereas cycling with regular pedals engages mainly your quads, cycling with SPD pedals engages a wider range of muscles. Your hamstrings, hip flexors and core muscles will be used much more when cycling with clip-in pedals because of the added connection. Not only is this great for your body, but it will do wonders for your cycling stats too.

Bike Compatibility

If purchased before 31st October 2019, the JTX Cyclo 6: Indoor Exercise Bike and JTX Cyclo Studio: Indoor Training Bike are compatible with the 18mm thread pedals.

The 14.2mm thread pedal is compatible with JTX Cyclo 6 and Cyclo-Studio bikes purchased after 31st October 2019. It is also compatible with the rest of the JTX exercise bike range.

The vast majority of outdoor road and mountain bikes will be compatible with the 14.2mm thread SPD pedals.

If you are still unsure of which thread size you need, please contact us so we can advise you.

Cycling Shoe Compatibility

Both the 14.2mm and 18mm SPD pedals are compatible with 2 bolt cycling shoes. If you already own 3 bolt cycling shoes, adapters are widely available online.

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