We have the perfect home treadmill for you, whether you’re hoping to get fit, are in training, or want to give your knees need a rest from pounding the pavements. We prioritised superior build quality and made sure our treadmills offer a challenging and enjoyable run - we've also made them as quiet as possible, and all fold away easily with a 'soft drop' mechanism. We offer home service warranties on all our treadmills, and a no quibbles 28 day returns policy, if you aren't completely happy.

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Buyers Guide Reviews

JTX Sprint-3: Compact Treadmill


Perfect For Beginners • Folding

Power: 1.75hp. Speed: 14kph.

Running Track: 40cm x 120cm.

JTX Sprint-5: Home Treadmill


Motorised • Folding • Robust

Power: 2.75hp. Speed: 22kph.

Running Track: 46cm x 135cm.

JTX Sprint-7: Home Treadmill XL

£749 or from £49 a month

Large • Motorised • Folding • Robust

Power: 3hp. Speed: 22kph.

Running Track: 52cm x 140cm.

JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill

£1,299 or from £87 a month

Gym Spec • Folding • Cardio Workout

Power: 3hp. Speed: 20kph.

Running Track: 52cm x 150cm.

Home Gym Packs

Elite Gym Selection

£3,749 or from £250 a month

Buy gym equipment set to save £100

• Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill
• Pro-50: Tri-Plane Vibration Plate
• Cyclo-6: Training Bike
• Smart-Stride-21: Cross Trainer

Best for an authentic gym experience at home.

Family Home Gym

£1,617 or from £107 a month

Buy gym equipment set to save £80.

• Smart-Stride-21 Cross Trainer
• Cyclo-5 Exercise Bike
• Sprint-5 Home Treadmill 

Best for improving family health and fitness.