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Treadmill Hire vs. Finance

This guide will help you decide whether to hire a treadmill or to apply for treadmill finance. Hiring a treadmill is one way to pay monthly and spread the cost. But, as we’ll explore, it can be a costly short-term option. Could buying a treadmill on finance be a smarter investment in your long-term fitness? Read on to find out.

Treadmill Hire vs Finance

Treadmill Hire Tips

Are you looking to rent a treadmill? While we don’t offer treadmill hire here at JTX Fitness, we are happy to give you some top tips. If you are only looking to train towards short term fitness goals, renting a treadmill can be a good option. Here are some key things to consider before you rent a treadmill:

Size and specification

Choose the right home treadmill for your fitness goals, height and weight. The size of the running deck is also key to a comfortable and safe run.

Speed and incline

Check that the treadmill has plenty of speed and incline settings to make your runs challenging and interesting.

Repairs and replacements

Make sure you’ll get a quick replacement or repair if the treadmill breaks down. Some treadmill hire companies charge weekly fees while they are repairing the treadmill.

Time to achieve goals

Can you achieve your health & fitness goals within the rental period? Make sure you have a workout plan in mind.


Compare the rental cost with buying your own treadmill. It’s usually far more cost-effective to own, and you will benefit for years to come.

Need further help with your treadmill research? Read our buying guide to learn how to choose the best treadmill.

Buying a Treadmill on Finance

At JTX Fitness, we specialise in new, gym-quality fitness equipment, designed for home and commercial use. Many people believe that robust, high-specification semi-commercial treadmills are far too expensive to own. We’re on a mission to bust this myth.

Treadmill finance makes owning a gym grade treadmill an accessible option for all. JTX Fitness does not currently offer finance directly. But, if you want to buy one of our treadmills on finance, you can apply for PayPal Credit when you check out.

Owning a treadmill can be more beneficial than hiring for a number of reasons:

Create a daily habit

It can take a while to build a fitness habit that sticks. Owning your treadmill gives you time to find a routine that works.

Invest in fitness for life

Hiring means you’ll have to return your treadmill after a month or two. In contrast, buying a treadmill is an investment in your long-term fitness.

Get the most from your treadmill

With no time limit, you can try every program at your own pace. Learn which programs help you meet your goals and improve your performance.

Enjoy peace of mind

With our industry leading in-home repair warranty, you know you’re covered. In the unlikely event your treadmill develops a fault, an engineer will come and fix it.

Recoup the cost

If you own your treadmill, you can sell it at any time to recover some of the cost.

Looking to buy a treadmill now? Explore our treadmills for sale here.

Applying for PayPal Credit

Applying for PayPal Credit is a quick and easy way to spread the cost of your online purchases.

When you buy a JTX treadmill, you will have the option to apply for Paypal Credit at the checkout. Simply fill out your details and PayPal will give you an answer within minutes. PayPal Credit is a smart way to split the cost of buying a treadmill into affordable monthly payments.

If your PayPal Credit application is successful, you could enjoy 0% treadmill finance for four months. After your interest free period you will be charged a typical APR of 19.9%. Choose to spread your payments over 6 to 24 months.

Spread your payments over the longest term and you could pay less per month than the cost of treadmill hire. With no need to return your treadmill, you can focus on smashing your fitness goals for years to come.

Why Choose JTX Fitness?

If you are looking to rent a treadmill or apply for treadmill finance, you may have researched a range of treadmill brands. So, what makes JTX Fitness different? And why should you choose us?

High Specification Equipment

Proudly independent home fitness specialists, we offer high specification equipment that’s built to last. JTX Fitness treadmills prioritise an enjoyable run, running deck size, quality motors and sturdiness.

Our machines are very easy to store. The JTX Sprint range can be folded. They feature a safe ‘soft drop’ opening mechanism when you’re ready to run.

No Quibbles Returns Policy

We offer no quibbles 28 day returns if you are not completely happy with your treadmill. You can even try out the machine and all we charge is the cost of the delivery and collection. Just keep hold of the packaging.

Industry Leading Warranties

We offer industry leading in-home service warranties on all our machines. That means we’ll send an engineer to your home if there is a problem. If it can’t be repaired we’ll send a replacement treadmill.

Support to Meet Your Goals

We sell treadmills directly from our website and showroom on the Sussex coast. But our service doesn’t end there. If you buy from us, we will support you on your fitness journey. Our customer service team is dedicated to answering all of your questions. Which is why we score 4.7/10 based on more than 2,500 TrustPilot reviews.

We offer free fitness workout videos and machine maintenance guides. This premium content ensures you get the most from your purchase for years to come. Fitness fans buy from us because they know we take sporting performance seriously. Helping you to smash your fitness goals is at the core of everything we do.

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