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To help you reach your goals we provide a free exercise DVD and workout poster with every vibration plate. Our fitness experts are also available to chat about your weight-loss or fitness goals and to design a workout plan.

The vibration plate benefits listed below can be achieved from using a tri-plane vibration plate. This is different to oscillation plate benefits.

Strength and Toning

One of the main vibration plate benefits is strength and toning. The vibrations cause your muscles to quickly contract and relax to keep you balanced. As you move during exercises like lunges or squats the vibrations cause your muscles to work harder and build strength throughout your body. Even standing still with your knees slightly bent can achieve great toning results.

Health and Rehabilitation

Whole body or tri-plane vibration plates can be used for recovery of damaged muscles and tendons, back pain and general pain management, to aid stroke recovery and to improve circulation as well as spinal stability. Please consult your GP, chiropractor or physiotherapist first.

Improve Your Sport

Using gym style tri-plane vibration plates regularly can benefit your participation in a range of other sports and activities by building overall strength and improving flexibility and balance. Tri-plane vibration training has particular benefits for sports such as golf, skiing, racket sports, climbing and many more.

Including a warm-up and cool-down on your vibration plate will also benefit your muscle performance and recovery time afterwards.

Massage and Circulation

Research shows that regular massage using a tri-plane vibration plate increases circulation in arms and legs. Improving circulation can help with healing injured muscles, improving oxygen supply and helping to get rid of lactic acid, from muscles.

Save Money

A home vibration plate will be a great investment for anyone hoping to tone up or increase strength. We provide interest free credit options to help you spread the cost. Power plate classes cost up to £15 for a 20 minute session and monthly gym fees soon mount up.

Weight Loss and Cellulite

As little as 15 minutes each day will soon make a big difference. Combined with a sensible diet you will reduce body fat including abdominal fat. When it comes to weight loss there are no miracles. However, the benefit of vibration plate training include the ability to easily intensify the effort you put in and reach your goals faster. Research also shows that using a whole body vibration platform ( eg Power Plates or JTX vibration plates) can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Over a 6 month period cellulite reduced by 25.7% on its own or by 32.2% combined with cardio exercise.

Low Impact

A vibration plate provides a low-impact workout suitable for all ages. Your workout can also be adjusted for all fitness levels; From simply standing on the plate with your knees slightly bent to multiple repetitions of sit ups, lunges and press ups or combining with a cardio workout.

Traditionally to increase muscle strength the focus has been on increasing mass (in the form of weight training). This is very effective, but comes at a cost. Weight training is high impact and causes an element of stress to the body. Vibration plates increase strength but are low impact. This can be explained through the formula: Force (or strength) = mass x acceleration. We have discussed adding mass ( using weights) to increase muscular strength or force. Vibration plates focus on the other side of this equation. Strength is increased through applying acceleration with the vibrations rather than mass.

JTX 6000 & JTX Salon Fit Range

Please note: We have now discontinued the JTX 6000 Oscillation and Vibration Plate and JTX Salon Fit Vibration Plate range. These are no longer available for sale worldwide unless bought second hand. All warranties will continue to be supported and our customer service team are happy to provide advice relating to these vibration plates.


The quick answer is 'yes', but read on for the science and research. Vibration plates are used to help people lose weight and to improve muscle strength and tone. They’re also widely used for their health benefits, such as rehabilitation following an injury. But perhaps one of the biggest attractions is that they can cut a one hour workout down to just 15 minutes – if used properly and regularly.

Vibration Plate History

The technology was developed by the Russian space programme; designed by scientists to help Cosmonauts lose less muscle mass and bone density whilst in Space. As with many Space programme innovations, the technology eventually came back down to Earth and the fitness industry was quick to realise the potential benefits.

How do Vibration Plates Work?

By creating a very powerful, pulsating vibration. When you stand on a vibration plate with your knees slightly bent, it triggers the reflex muscles in your legs and abdomen, which subtly contract up to 50 times per second. The vibrations strengthen and tone muscles, and will also target fat. These powerful vibrations or oscillating movements intensify your traditional exercise positions and routines. It can be a strange sensation at first, but not in the least bit unpleasant and the results speak for themselves.

Independent Research; Vibration Plates for Weight Loss

Scientists at the University of Antwerp carried out a study on the effects of vibration plates for weight loss. To conduct this experiment they gave exactly the same dietary advice to three groups of volunteers. The control group were instructed to do no exercise for six months; the second group did an aerobic activity such as swimming three times a week; and the final group used vibration machines for 13 minutes a day, five days a week. The vibration plate’s effect on weight loss were immediately clear. After six months the vibration group had lost nearly two-thirds more abdominal fat than the aerobic group. They also lost 11% of their body fat compared to 7% for the aerobic group, and 6% for the diet only group. Read the full report: European Association for the Study of Obesity.


Vibration plates can be used in a variety of ways. Exactly how will depend on your individual fitness goals, whether that be weight loss or body toning.

Effective workouts will include anything from standing still and holding your position, to carrying out more dynamic exercises such as squats or press ups, to using the intense vibrations for stretches and massage. Good quality machines are equipped with power straps so you can also use a vibration plate to give your arms, shoulders and chest a good workout.

We have created more than 30 FREE vibration plate exercises and workouts for you to try and we’re always adding more, so make sure you check back or subscribe to our Youtube channel here.

We always recommend speaking to your GP or Physiotherapist if you are at all concerned about using vibration plates, particularly if you are recovering from a recent injury or operation.


There are two very different categories of vibration plate. Gym style vibration plates (such as Power Plates and the JTX Vibration Plates above) and Oscillation plates (normally cheaper and less powerful).

Gym style or tri-plane vibration plates have a very powerful buzzing vibration and are used as a platform for doing workouts. Tri-plane vibration plates are favoured by personal trainers. They are used to do workouts for the upper and lower body and core. The equivalent of a one hour full body workout can be achieved in 15 minutes. Simple exercises like squats and lunges are more effective on a vibration plate than on a mat. Tri-plane vibration plates are also often referred to as whole body vibration platforms.

Oscillation plates have a see-saw or wobble type motion and are the main type of cheap vibration plate found on Ebay and Amazon. Vibro Plate and Crazy Fit Plates are other terms for oscillation plates. Oscillation plates are often used by people new to exercise and can be stood on for ten minute sessions either in a salon or at home. It is possible but not recommended to do exercises on an oscillation plate. They are favoured by people who simply want to stand and wobble. They are sold as a weight loss tool but do not have the same evidence and research to back up their claims.


We've teamed up with the UK’s leading independent reviews company, Trustpilot, to collect feedback from our customers following their purchase – you can be sure that all the vibration plate reviews you read here are genuine and unbiased.

I have opened a Toning Salon in the south west of England and have so far purchased 3 Salon fit S2 machines. In 10 weeks since opening I have over 100 monthly paying customers who absolutely love these machines. Many of our customers have used different machines in other places like tanning salons and gyms and say they much prefer ours from JTX. The results our customers are achieving are amazing and the feedback about the JTX machines is all positive. The service from JTX themselves is second to none, very helpful and professional and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others. I look forward to dealing with them again in the future to purchase more machines!!!

Rachel (TrustPilot Reviewer)

I have had every piece of equipment you can name - this is by far the best JTX 6000 oscilating andvibration machine - fantastic power, solid piece of equipment,not too large to store. fantastic quick delivery. No problems - highly recommended

Jayne (TrustPilot Reviewer)

My wife and myself have retired now and we were both looking for a way to keep slim and toned up. After looking through a lot of web sites on the computer we came across a firm called JTXfitness. I found a vibrating and oscillating machine that looked to be what we were after. Before purchasing the JTX6000 machine I decided to phone the company first to make sure it was what we wanted. The lady that answered the phone was polite and extremely helpful, she could not do enough for us, At this point I had made up my mind to purchase theJTX6000. I ordered the machine at 1230hrs and it was delivered the next morning at 0900hrs in two packages. The items were packed really well and the very polite TNT driver carried them to my house. It took me about an hour to put the machine together with the help of very clear instructions. We have been doing 2 x 10min exercises each day for the last three weeks and have noticed a change already to our fitness and toning. To this I would like to thank JTXfitness for the excellent service they gave us in purchasing this machine and I will highly recommend them to anybody who is looking for similar equipment. BRILL COMPANY.

John MacDonald (TrustPilot Reviewer)

Vibration Plates

Achieve a one hour full body workout in just 15 minutes with our great range of vibration plates. Our high-specification machines are found in homes, gyms and salons throughout the UK. We have oscillation plates, tri-plane vibration plates, and combination machines to tackle all your fitness goals. If you're unsure which is the best vibration plate for you, call us and our team of experts will talk you through the features.

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