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Vibration Plate Hire vs Vibration Plate Finance

Vibration Plate Hire vs. Finance

This guide will help you decide whether to hire a vibration plate or buy a vibration plate on finance.

Vibration plate hire is one way to avoid a large upfront cost. It may make sense if you want a short-term vibration training option. But monthly hire costs can mount up quickly.

If you’re thinking of hiring a vibration plate for more than a month, vibration plate finance may be a better option. Read on for vibration plate hire tips and to learn more about vibration plate finance.

Vibration Plate Hire Tips

Keen to hire a vibration plate? While we don’t offer vibration plate hire here at JTX Fitness, we are happy to give you some top tips. Here’s all you need to know about renting a vibration plate:

Vibration Plate Type

Choose the right machine for your fitness goals, do you need oscillation or tri-plane vibration motors? If you are not sure, take a look at our vibration plate buying guide.

Build Quality

Consider hiring a gym or commercial quality machine – you will achieve your goals much quicker.


Make sure you’re covered for quick replacement or repairs if the machine breaks down. Otherwise you might be paying for a machine you can’t use.

Time Limit

Manage your expectations when it comes returning your rented vibration plate. Can you achieve what you want to in a month? Otherwise consider buying a machine that you enjoy for years to come. Or sell when you have reached your goal.


Compare the rental cost with buying your own machine. Buying a vibration plate on finance is often cheaper than power plate hire.

Need further help with your vibration plate research? Learn more about choosing the best vibration plate.

Buying a Vibration Plate on Finance

Many people believe that the gym-quality vibration plates are far too expensive to own. But you may be surprised to learn how affordable they can be. Vibration plate finance offers a smart way to spread the cost.

You can save a great deal of time and money by having a vibration plate in your home rather than paying a visit to your local gym. The convenience of being able to hop on when you get a few spare minutes is unbeatable.

Hiring a vibration plate for a month or two is a good solution if you have a quick goal to reach. But if you want to invest in your future health and well-being, we recommend buying a vibration plate on finance.

There are a number of benefits to owning a vibration plate rather than hiring:

You can build a fitness habit

It can take a while to build a fitness habit that sticks. Owning your vibration plate makes it easier to build a daily habit.

You are investing in fitness for life

Unlike a short-term rental, buying a vibration plate means you have no time restrictions. You can work on smashing your long-term fitness goals.

You can recoup the cost

If you own your vibration plate, you can sell it at any time to recover some of the cost.

Do Vibration Plates Work?

The popularity of vibration plates in gyms and beauty salons across the UK has risen dramatically in the last few years. They produce great results for weight loss, toning and rehabilitation goals with regular use. But the real appeal is largely driven by the fact you can cut a full body workout down to 15 minutes.

Check out the science behind vibration plates here or watch our personal trainer demonstrating vibration plate exercises.