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Kettlebell Benefits, and Workout Advice


Full Body Training

Kettlebell exercises, unlike dumbbell or barbell exercises, focus on functional training for the whole body. The movements in kettlebell exercises are designed to work every muscle group in your body in conjunction, rather than individual muscles. This is functional training at its finest, priming your body for everyday tasks, decreasing the risk of injury and developing coordination.

Strength and Cardio

Kettlebell benefits include superb training for the cardiovascular and muscular systems. Kettlebell exercises develop your aerobic system, utilised in traditional cardio and your anaerobic system, utilised in weightlifting.

Incredible for Weight Loss

Ketlebell exercises are mainly performed in a HIIT (High-Intensity Training) style workout. Short bursts of intense activity followed by short rest periods burn a lot of calories during exercise periods. Because of the high intensity, your body will keep burning calories even during rest periods and for some time after the activity.

Develop Core Strength

Kettlebell exercises keep your core muscles engaged and strong. Because kettlebells have an off-centre of gravity, your body needs to work to counterbalance. This strengthens the stabiliser muscles in your body, developing excellent stability.

Combat Lower Back Pain

The most common reason for lower back pain is weak, or underdeveloped glute muscles. The glute muscles are one of the biggest muscles in the body and are active in almost all of our daily movements. When they are weak, the lower back muscles overwork themselves to compensate. Nearly all kettlebell exercises work the glutes and develop hip movement and power, taking the strain off the lower back.

Better Posture

Bad posture is often caused by sitting for extended periods of time, with a hunched over posture. Some of the side effects of bad posture include a painful neck and shoulders. Kettlebell exercises develop strength, stability and mobility within the neck and shoulders. They also develop spinal strength and seriously help to fix your posture and painful shoulders.


REPS- Reps is short for repetitions. It refers to how many of the same exercise you do at any one time.

SETS- Sets are how many times you will repeat your reps. For example, you might to ten squats, three times with a 30-second rest between each set. In other words, you'll do 3 sets of 10 reps.

Weight training is split up into reps and sets because it's important to allow the muscles to rest in between dynamic exercises. By resting in between your sets, you can continue to work the muscle to exhaustion. Working the muscle to exhaustion may sound painful, and it might be when you first start training, but it's how you can strengthen the muscle. By exhausting the muscle, the tissues become torn and must repair itself, becoming stronger and more resilient.

How many reps and sets you'll want to do depends on the results you want. To build muscle you'll want to go for a heavier weight and fewer reps. For muscle endurance, you'll want a lighter weight for more reps.

KETTLEBELL size guide

The best kettlebell size for you is one that feels manageable enough to lift but heavy enough that your muscles feel exhausted during the last few reps of each set.

If you're looking to buy kettlebells, it might be a good idea to go to the gym to test which size feels right for you. Our kettlebells come in standard sizes and you will get a good idea of the weight at the gym. Try doing 3 sets of 10 reps for a few different exercises and note down which weight exhausts your muscles. If you can't get to the gym we recommend the JTX 6KG Kettlebell if you haven't done any weight training before.

If you're looking to buy kettlebells to strengthen and build your muscles, we recommend the JTX Kettlebells Set. With only one kettlebell you'll be able to strengthen and build your muscles to an extent that will be enough for most people. You can do this by increasing the number of reps, or sets, you perform over time. However, there will come a time where your kettlebell doesn't exhaust your muscles anymore. At this point, your exercises will be toning, but not building muscle. With the JTX Kettlebells Set you'll be able to move up a weight when you're ready and continue to strengthen and build your muscles.

The JTX kettlebells set will also be the best choice for those wanting to build muscle in their lower and upper body. You'll want to use the 10KG kettlebell for lower body exercises, like squats and lunges, and the 6KG kettlebell for upper body exercises, like bicep curls.


Get Into The Swing

Kettlebell workouts are all about the swing. Unlike stiff, static movements, you'll want to perform your kettlebell exercises with some momentum. Move with confidence, keep your core engaged and check your posture.

Easy To Learn

There are so many kettlebell workouts out there. If you're just starting out, try a few of our favourite exercises; the kettlebell swing, the kettlebell sumo deadlift and the suitcase lunge.


28 Day Money Back Guarantee

JTX Fitness equipment comes with a fantastic 28 day ‘no-quibble’ returns policy. We hope that you are delighted with your purchase but if you are not absolutely happy, we will collect your order and offer a full refund (minus collection costs) within 28 days of purchase. Find out more about our 28 day money back guarantee here.

Independent Reviews

Our reviews are authenticated and published by TrustPilot. Giving you complete confidence in them as independent, authentic reviews from genuine customers. We are committed to ensuring the highest quality of both our equipment and our service and are very proud of our outstanding reviews as a result.

One Year Home Warranty

All of our weights and kettlebells come with a one-year home-use warranty. Your warranty is registered automatically on purchase with no hidden terms and conditions.

Expert Knowledge Before and After You Buy

As well as stocking the very best fitness equipment we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their long term fitness goals. To get you off to the best possible start we offer all new customers a FREE personalised training plan from an in-house Personal Trainer. To keep you motivated beyond the initial buzz, we regularly update our workout video library and share the latest news from our growing network of health and fitness experts.