Benefits Of Exercising While Pregnant

Exercising while pregnant can have amazing benefits for you and your baby. Here are just a few great reasons to exercise… even when you probably feel the least like exercising ever.

Better For Your Baby

Women who are active in pregnancy generally have leaner (but not unhealthier) babies. This gets your baby off to a great start from day 1, and is likely to result in a healthier weight at age 5 and into the future. Statistically children who are obese at 5 years old are very likely to be obese adults.

Reduces Back Discomfort

The baby and additional fluid will put pressure on your pelvis and back. Exercise will help to improve posture as well as strengthens the body’s ability to support the additional weight.

Avoiding Piling On The Pounds

Putting on weight during pregnancy is natural and healthy. Gaining too little weight can lead to a baby’s growth being stunted. However a lot of women stop exercising all together which can result in putting on up to 4 stone which is extremely difficult to lose after the birth.

Reduce Chance Of A Caesarean Section

Women who gain excessive weight during pregnancy have higher chances of delivering via C-section.

Sleep Better

Exercise can help you to sleep better at night (although it wont stop the gazillion trips to the loo!) and help you to feel more alert during the day.

Quicker Labour

Research suggests that fit women have shorter labours and fitter women seem to bounce back more quickly after the birth.

When De-caf Coffee Doesn’t Cut It

If you feel more tired than you have ever felt in your life and you can’t have a caffeine fix, exercises is a great natural stimulant.

This advice is only for healthy, pregnant women. Please consult a midwife or doctor before commencing any exercise programme or if you are at all unsure. Stay tuned for the next blog about how to exercise in pregnancy.

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