Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy is important for you and your baby. Always remember to stay hydrated throughout your work out and consult a doctor or midwife before you start a new fitness regime.

Taking out more strenuous activities from your weekly routine might result in excessive weight gain if you do not replace them with another form of exercise. We have talked to pregnant customers, colleagues and friends and these are their top pregnancy fitness exercises:


It takes a bit more time than catching the bus or driving but walking to work or to the shops regularly is a great exercise that you can do every day until the day of your delivery. Make sure you pay attention to your posture when you are walking, keeping your arms and shoulders relaxed. A great tip we heard is ‘look straight ahead and imagine some string coming from the top of your head holding you up like a puppet. But don’t trip up!

Also make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes that support the arch in your feet. Your most reliable shoes might also become your worst enemies over the time you are pregnant because your feet will swell- particularly if you are standing up all day or hot.

We highly recommend that you try to build a daily walk into your routine because it saves time and you are more likely to keep it going throughout your pregnancy. However the British weather isn’t always that supportive of your plans to keep fit. Pregnant women also often struggle in the heat too. For this reason a treadmill can be an ideal purchase. You can walk throughout your pregnancy and sometimes jog if you are comfortable. After the birth you can discover the faster settings on your treadmill to help shift that baby weight.


Swimming is one of the best ways to feel like your old self when you are feeling bigger than you ever thought possible. The water supports your new weight and can make you feel as light as a feather.

We have been told by a few of our pregnant friends that it’s great to invite friends along to a weekly swim. There are so many social activities that become out of the question or more difficult when pregnant and this is a great alternative. Pick a quiet time in the pool so you can swim along together having a chat! We have also been recommended that quieter pool times also help you to stay away from stray kicks from passes by in a cramped pool.

Aqua Natal classes are also very popular and a great way to meet other pregnant women with similar quantities of fear and excitement!

Pregnancy Yoga And Pilates

These classes are normally aimed at women who are at least 12 weeks pregnant. Your body will be more supple than usual because of all the pregnancy hormones so its important that you go to a class run by a specialist. Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates can help women dealing with aches and pains during pregnancy and can also help during the birth. These classes place an emphasis on relaxation and breath work as much as traditional yoga postures so even beginners will love them.


Your centre of gravity is very different when you are in your last trimester so we would suggest you stay away from cycling on the road. Using an exercise bike at home can be a great alternative. Our two-in-one exercise bike is a great alternative because it provides both recumbent and upright options allowing you to find a position that suits you. Exercise bikes are a fantastic low impact cardio option for pregnant women. If you can find 20- 30minutes to pedal every day you will really feel the benefits. If you think an exercise bike might work for you, don’t forget padded cycling shorts- they look awful but you’ll thank us for the tip the next day!

Vibration Plates

There is currently very little rigorous scientific research into the impact of using vibration plates during pregnancy. For this reason we would not want to recommend vibration plate training for pregnant women.

Cross Trainers

Also known as elliptical trainers are another great option for fitness when you are pregnant. Most women find it difficult to run in their second and third trimesters and cross training is a great alternative. With cardio exercise it's really important that you think about our posture and you drink water throughout.

We hope you found this a useful blog. If you are pregnant and have tried any of these exercises let us know how you got on or share your fitness tips on twitter @JTXFitness or email us at [email protected].