Health and Fitness Gifts

If you know someone who loves to keep fit and lead a healthy lifestyle (or talks about wanting to!) our ideas for health and fitness gifts should score you some extra brownie points on their next birthday or Christmas. We've hand-picked a few of our favourite things, some a little more expensive than others but hopefully they'll give you some inspiration next time you're struggling.

The Powerball

This revolutionary product contains a ball within a spherical casing that can spin™ at up to 20,000 revolutions per minute, powered just by Kinetic energy. Holding it and attempting to keep it spinning™ makes for a great grip and forearm workout. Get them at: from £11.99

Shaker Bottles

The gym fan can never have too many shaker bottles! These are use to mix up protein powders with other ingredients and come in all shapes and sizes. There are even shakers that have separate compartments for healthy snack foods such as nuts and fruit. Pictured above: from £12.99

A Vibration Plate

The recipient will need to have been good all year to get one of these, but if you really want to reward that extra special loved one, you couldn’t do much better than a buying them a Vibration Plate. These ground breaking machines offer a whole new world of workout opportunities for anyone - just 15 minutes wobbling or vibrating each day has a wealth of benefits; from weight loss to toning,  for the beginner the seasoned fitness pro. Pictured above: JTX Vibration Plates from £479

Wireless Scales

These wireless scales interact with your iPhone and other smart phones equipped with corresponding software. Every time you step on the scales your weight, BMI and body fat percentage information is wirelessly synced with your device. The data is logged and recorded in various formats, such as a handy graph, for you to track and monitor over time. Pictured above is the Aria Smart Scale £99.99 from

Swiss Ball

The ubiquitous Swiss ball is truly multifunctional; it can be used to perform a range of different exercises and is deflated and easily stored when not in use. They're also great to sit to improve core strength either at a desk or even watching TV. Available in all good health and fitness shops from around £15.

Gym Kit

Gym kit will never go amiss, regular fitness fanatics will get through a few outfits a week so it's great to have more than one set. Find out which label your loved one prefers (if any) and a quick google search should give you a good price comparison. We love this colourful Women's Adidas Originals Firebird Frutaflor Track Top for £55 from