Arm Exercises Using A Treadmill

These arm exercises will help you to get more out of your regular treadmill workouts. This workout will help to strengthen and tone your biceps and triceps using your gym or home treadmill. Runners often ignore their upper body strength, understandably choosing to focus on fitness and leg strength. However these treadmill exercises could help to improve your running form. Your overall upper body strength effects your posture when running. Your arms also contribute to the running cycle by providing momentum as you run. You arms help to set the pace or your run: The faster your arms are, the faster your legs will go. If your arms and shoulders start to ache and fatigue it will eventually slow down your race.

Arm Exercises Using A Treadmill Instructions:

Make sure the treadmill is switched off for these treadmill exercises.

Tricep Exercises:

Stand on the treadmill with your back to the console. Place your feet on the edges of the treadmill, not on the belt. Hold onto the side supports and lower your body towards the floor by bending your knees and push up with your arms.

Bicep pull up:

Lie on the treadmill with your back on the belt and your head at the same end as the console. Reach up and hold on to the arm supports. Place your feet on the edges of the treadmill (not the belt because this is likely to move). Pull your body weight up towards the computer console using the strength of your arms. Only your feet should remain on the floor/ treadmill. Lower yourself down until your arms are straight.

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