The Best Marathon Training Plan

To be able to run a successful marathon it is essential that you have a marathon training plan in place. Our marathon training plan is designed to help you train effectively and push towards achieving a new personal best. We demonstrate on our home treadmill range and at our local beach...enjoy the views!

Marathon Training Plan

Our 16 week marathon training plan gradually helps you to develop a perfect race pace. Week by week the plan increases in intensity.

By week 8 of the plan you should be able to run a 10k race in preparation for your marathon. This competitive run mid-way through your plan will give you a taste of what’s to come. It will allow you to get used to the atmosphere, the adrenaline and the huge crowds on your marathon day.

During weeks 10-13 your exercise routine will reach its peak. This is when you will be running your quickest, hardest and furthest. After week 13 you can start to lower the intensity of your sessions week by week until race day. You don’t want to burn out before the main event.

Each week should be divided into easy runs, mid-week interval training, weekend long runs, recovery runs and rest days.

The mid-week interval training sessions are designed to keep you motivated and your workout varied. Interval training is highly intensive and can be done on a treadmill indoors, as well as outside.

Included in the mid-week interval training are speed, hill, tempo and steady runs. Doing these on a weekly basis will help to challenge and improve your overall fitness.

The speed sessions will help you build the explosive power needed for a sprint finish. The hill running is a great technique for building strength and endurance in the leg muscles and the tempo runs you will prepare your body for running at different paces.

Remember to practice running at your top race pace. This will help to develop a steady running rhythm ideal for marathons.

So, if you are planning on doing a marathon then take a look at the best marathon training plan there is. This step by step guide will help you to bring your fitness level to a marathon ready standard. If you want to find out more about this training plan or have any questions about how to reach your fitness goals please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. You can also browse our other treadmill workouts for more inspiration.