Vibration Plate Exercises - How To Do Perfect Squats

The squat is an exercise that is relatively simple to do. It is very effective and should be part of any exercise routine; from basic to advanced. Mainly working on your thighs and calves, this exercise will improve muscle strength as well as the definition of your legs. Squats aren’t just for your legs though. They can help build muscle throughout the body and can really help in strengthening the core muscles.

Squats can be done as a floor exercise, but, they are more effective if performed on a vibration plate.

Please follow our instructions to ensure the exercise is performed correctly.

Squat Instructions:

Stand on the vibration plate with your feet shoulder width apart. Make sure your weight is evenly distributed on both feet.

Holding the bars and with your back straight, sit back gently and bend your knees.

This exercise can be performed dynamically as shown in the video, or statically. For the static version bend your knees as if to sit down in a chair and hold the position.

This exercise is not only great for building muscle and strengthening your body, but, it also helps to maintain your stability and balance. It fits in well as part of a balanced fitness routine.