Sussex Running Clubs

Even if you have a treadmill at home, its really great to join a local running club to give you a motivational boost. This interactive map shows the details of Sussex Running Clubs. Just click on the pins and you'll find more information about each of the groups. If you would like us to add details of your local running group please do get in touch and we'd be happy to include you.

The best and worst bits about running outside

After researching my local Sussex running clubs I recently joined the Shoreham Beach Runners. They have been so welcoming and its great to have a longer run outside each week to keep you motivated.

I normally run on my JTX Sprint-7 Treadmill. I started supplementing my training with outside running whilst the weather was in a good mood this summer.

The Best Bits

1. The impressed look from my daughter - even though she has no idea how far or fast I've run.. it makes just getting out the front door worth it.

2. Quick improvement. Starting out with very little fitness means I have got much better pretty quickly. All credit goes to yoga warm ups and cool downs to help me stay injury free because pavements are so much harder on my body than my trusty treadmill.

3. New friendships. Its so great to get a bit of social running under my belt. I hate the idea of my new mates waiting in the rain to see if I'll turn up so its a great motivator too.

4. Carbo loading. Even more excuses to eat exactly what I like.

The Worst Bits

1. The lycra. I'm used to wearing it indoors without the wobbly bits on show to the public.

2. Judging the weather from inside the house.. being rained on isnt great but being too hot whilst running is awful!

3. The wind blowing hair in my face

4. Not noticing that the running app has stopped and hasnt tracked distance or time

5. Music or audio book stops - I'm in love with the Guardian Long Read podcasts by my phone is so unreliable!

6. Having a limited time and then procrastinating so much that you don't have time to run.. or you have a bit of extra energy for a longer run and cant take advantage of it because you will be late for work.

7. Feeling scared whilst running- I have an over active imagination! Running past scary looking dogs and running in the dark give me a good adrenaline rush but don't make a very relaxing running experience.