10k Training Plan: How To Run Quicker and Improve Your 10k Speed

In this video we provide a 10k training plan to help intermediate runners run quicker and improve 10k race speed. We demonstrate at our local beach and on a JTX Sprint-5 Home Treadmill but this can also be added to any regular outdoor running route.

The Key to improving your race time is by speed training. By including a speed training session in your weekly routine you can work towards setting a new personal best.

Speed Sessions

One day each week set some time aside for your speed sessions. Each speed session should consist of run followed immediately by a recovery walk or jog.

For people new to 10k training you can start of your speed sessions by sprinting for 200m and then walking for a further 200m. Once you feel comfortable with this you can take it to the next level by extending the distance to 400m.

During each weekly speed session you should aim to match or beat your previous running time.

After a few weeks of running at the same pace and for the same distance your body will become more efficient helping you to run that little bit faster.

Hill Running

If you want to make the speed sessions more challenging you can step up the intensity with hill running.

Introducing hill runs into your 10k training plan are a great way to improve technique, stride length and leg muscle strength.

Hill running sessions can be done both outside or indoors, either by using a hill's natural gradient or by using the incline setting on your treadmill.

By incorporating these speed sessions in to your workout regime you will begin to notice you can run quicker over longer periods of time to increase your overall race speed.

Good luck trying these tips out in your 10k training and let us know if you manage to set a new personal best in your next 10k. Don’t forget to take a look at our other treadmill workouts for more useful tips to help you with your training.