The Best UK Running Events 2022

As we approach the end of winter, the time for staying in is over. It's time to shake off that apathy and get motivated to run. We've compiled some of the best running events in the UK to kickstart your running journey. Take a look at our best UK running events from across the country, from fun runs to marathons there is something for everyone to enjoy. Take part in one of these incredible events, challenge yourself and achieve your fitness goals.

Best UK Marathons

Brighton Half Marathon

UK running events - Brighton Half Marathon

Being one of the largest running events in the south east, the Brighton Half Marathon has attracted runners from all over East Sussex and West Sussex. You’ll start close to the iconic Brighton Palace Pier and pass many more Brighton landmarks, including the Royal Pavilion and the i360. As you run you’ll continue to experience the dynamic city first hand, you’ll run by the ocean, West Pier and Hove Lawns. All of which will be full of people busy enjoying their weekend by the sea. Running has never looked quite so inviting. The next race takes place in February.

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The Great Manchester Run

UK running events - The Great Manchester Run

The Great Manchester Run is one the largest 10k runs in Europe, attracting 15,000 dogged and determined runners. This marathon is more than just a race, it’s an experience. It has music and entertainment zones every kilometre to spur on its runners; your heart will have more than one reason to be racing. As you run you’ll experience all that Manchester has to offer, starting from the city centre till you reach Deansgate. This Marathon is one of the most popular runs in the UK, rivalling the likes of The Great North Run and The London Marathon. It also has a junior run taking place the day before. The main event is set to be held during May.

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Kew The Run

UK running events - Kew The Run

Kew The Run is known to be London’s flattest 10k course. The Richmond running event boasts a free trip to Kew Gardens with a scenic tour of the leafy borough of Richmond. Runners of all abilities are welcome to take part and enjoy this flat route through the amazing architecture of Kew Gardens Palm House and Temperate House. Run amongst the amazing living plant collections till you reach the river thames. After the run is over, you can enjoy a lovely picnic on the lawns, all whilst enjoying the post event live music. The next race is set to happen in April.

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Alton Towers Half Marathon

UK running events - Alton Towers Half Marathon

The UK’s biggest theme park has more than just roller coasters, it’s also the venue for one of the most popular marathons in the UK. You have the option to take part in a 5k or a 10k, after completing them you’ll earn a unique medal. You’ll start in the theme park, looping around the Dark Forest and passing by rides like Rita and TH13TEEN. By the time you have gone into the Creepy Hollow and looped back around the Dark Forest, you will have completed a lap. Of course, once you’ve completed the race, you will have Alton Towers at your doorstep! This run makes for a fantastic day out on multiple levels. This race will next take place in November.

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Royal Parks Half Marathon

UK running events - Royal Parks Half Marathon

This is one of London’s largest Marathons with over 16,000 runners taking part. As the name suggests, this running event will see you run through four of the Royal Parks. You’ll start in Hyde park and finish there too. In-between that you’ll pass through St James’s Park, Green Park, and of course, Kensington Gardens. As it’s in the heart of the capital, many runners dream of winning this one. Have you got what it takes? Find out this October.

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Hackney Half Marathon

UK Running Events-Hackney - Half Marathon

Run through vibrant East London on a flat city route. Cruise past the famous town hall to a carnival of sound. Pace through the historic Broadway Market & Hackney Wick, flush with vibrant street art. There is no need for headphones as there is live entertainment at every mile mark. Enjoy the joyful spirit of jazz performed by the Old Jelly Rollers and eclectic grooves by Brass Bound. This talented and unique collection of musicians will keep you motivated & inspired throughout. The next Hackney Half Marathon will take place in May.

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The Great North Run

The world’s largest half marathon is only getting bigger. This year 57,000 runners will be attending to compete for their chance to win. It was originally devised by former Olympic 10,000m bronze medallist and BBC Sport commentator Brendan Foster. The route takes you through Newcastle upon Tyne. Crossing the iconic Tyne Bridge, before finishing on the Great North Road.

The Great North Run also offers multiple virtual challenges to prepare you for task ahead! This includes a beginners Couch To 5k and a Distance Challenge which includes weekly distances and 28 day distances. For a small fee, you can join in. They are a great way to keep motivated! If you're up to the challenge, get your tickets for the next race in September.

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Loch Ness Marathon

UK Running Events - Loch Ness Marathon

One of our best UK running events is The Baxters Loch Ness Marathon. Arguably one of the most picturesque marathons in the world. With unrivalled scenery, starting in an atmospheric moorland setting. Continue through stunning Highland scenery, to finish in Inverness, the capital city of the Highlands. This run offers a beautifully striking route and an unforgettable atmosphere complete with a festival finish. An event that will truly provide an unforgettable experience and memories to last a lifetime. The next Loch Ness Marathon will be held during October.

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South Downs Off-Road Half Marathon

UK Running Events - South Downs Off-Road Half Marathon

Prefer to miss out on the crowds? This is the half Marathon for you. The quiet scenic routes and impressive natural surroundings will ease your mind. This peaceful, well-crafted off-road trail will guide you from Goodwood along a forest route, skirting Levin Down. The main bulk of this track takes you along the iconic South Downs. Offering magnificent countryside views before the rewarding downhill run towards East Dean. There is one final push up the hill to the finish line at Goodwood. The trail includes a mixture of bridleways, forest trails, and tree-lined tracks keeping you stimulated. Get your tickets for the next race in November.

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Exmoor Coastal Marathon

UK Running Events - Exmoor Coastal Marathon

The race takes place in the western area of the Exmoor National Park. Where a trail running utopia lies. This trail run is not for the faint-hearted. The challenging terrain, steep hills, and dizzying cliffs will keep you sharp and alert. This asperous coastline features spectacular views of open moorland, thickly wooded valleys, and historical ruins. Heddon’s Valley and Trentishoe Down. Two of the breathtaking sites on route, both vast open landscapes of outstanding beauty. The Exmoor course is widely regarded as one of the hardest trail runs in Britain. Testing the endurance of even the most experienced trail runners. Train hard before you arrive and bring your A-game with you! The next race will take place during June.

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Atlantic Coast Challenge

UK Running Events - Atlantic Coast Challenge

Another of our best UK running events is the Atlantic Coast Challenge. This 1-3 day event boasts the choice of 3 back to back marathons. Complete up to 78.6 miles by walking, running, or crawling to the finish. The Atlantic Coast Challenge is for experienced runners. Testing your mental and physical ability against some of the wildest coastlines in Britain. Because this event takes place over three days there is a sense of genuine community. Build friendships along your way and support your fellow racers during this phenomenal course. The next challenge will be held during October.

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Hamsterley Forest Winter Trail Half Marathon

Start the year right, brave the frost with the Hamsterley Forest Winter Trail Half Marathon. Hamsterley Forest is made for a trail running event. With a mix of forest trails, woodland tracks & elegant scenery of the valley. Undulating but rewarding this race will prepare you for the year ahead. Wrap up warm, breathe in the crisp winter air and enjoy this winter wonderland. The Hamsterley Forest Winter Trail Half Marathon has already taken place last January, the next marathon will happen next January. Use the extra time to train hard.

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Running Grand Prix

UK Running Events - Running Grand Prix

Are you a car enthusiast? A motorsports fan? Ever wondered what it might be like to race around a Grand Prix track yourself? Give the Grand Prix a go on your own two feet. The Running Grand Prix is a series of courses across three different venues. Oulton Park, Goodwood Motor Circuit and Bedford Autodrome. Chose from a marathon, half marathon, 10k or 5k run. The track was designed by former F1 driver Jonathon Parker. A smooth, traffic-free tarmac offers runners a steady terrain to compete on. The next Running Grand Prix will happen in March.

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Steyning Stinger

UK Running Events - Steyning Stinger

A lesser-known but still one of our best UK running events; The Steyning stinger. Created by the Steyning Athletic Club who formed in 1951. This multi-terrain marathon first took place in 2002. It repeats annually on the first Sunday of March with over 500 competitors. The Steyning Stinger gets its name from the ‘stings’ that are on route. These consist of four hills that will make you feel the burn! There is also the option to complete a half marathon of the stinger. The next Steyning Stinger will take place during March.

Whether you’re going for the full marathon or half, enjoy the rolling hills! Sign up for the stinger here

Best Obstacle Races

Zeus Obstacle Run

UK running events - Zeus Obstacle Run

We have all heard of Tough Mudder. But have you heard of Zeus? If you want a challenge with a muddy twist. This is the course you’ve been waiting for. This 60 obstacle event run by Zeus Races is fit for first-timers and obstacle veterans. An epic family-friendly adventure. Challenging participants to make their way through a 7k course. Expect innovative obstacle design, water, mud, and more mud! This event has been nominated for 8 Mudstacle awards in the past so prepare to get messy. The next Zeus Mud Run will be held during May.

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Best Charity Fun Runs

Superhero in the City

UK running events - Superhero in the City

Have you got what it takes to become a real-life superhero? Do you think you would look great in a cape? Pick your charity, raise awareness and funding by taking part in the Superhero city race. Embrace your inner superhero in this 5k around London's iconic sights. Get the whole family involved in this marvellous family affair. Whether you want to run, hop, or soar, everyone gets a superhero costume and medal. This is a wonderful 5k event for families and friends. All children under the age of 18 run for free. The next run is set to take place in July.

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UK running events - Supernova run

This 5k run is known to be a great family event, full of fluorescent clothing and flashing lights. Participants gather and wait till dusk, then you set off into the night! Don’t be surprised if you see some families in fancy dress, while it’s not compulsory it’s very much encouraged. The supernova 5k run takes place over a multitude of locations, including Bournemouth, London and Falkirk. Join a venue near you and experience this flashy family fun run. The next one will be held at Kelpies during March.

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Mo run

UK running events - Mo Run

In 24 different locations across the country, this is possibly one of Britain’s most treasured races. The infamous Mo Run is in support of Movember. The only charity tackling men’s health on a global scale year-round. Join this family favourite with mini 1.5k, 5k, and 10k events. Fancy dress and fake moustaches are encouraged. All runners will receive a Mo running headband and bespoke moustache medal.

Why not bring your whole family or a group of friends for this special event. Laugh your way to the finish with silly costumes and giant moustaches. Become part of the MoRunning community and know that you’re helping to make a difference. There are multiple races taking place in a variety of locations throughout the UK in November.

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