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Cross Trainer Maintenance Guide

Cross Trainer Maintenance Guide

Keeping your cross trainer in top condition with regular maintenance will help extend its life. Partnering with chartered engineers and fitness machine specialists Northwick, we've created a series of videos offering straight forward and qualified advice on subjects varying from maintenance, assembly and troubleshooting common problems found with cross trainers.

how to assemble a cross trainer

Top tips on how to assemble a cross trainer. Focusing on the care points that often cause issue when putting together a machine, we show you how best to assemble your cross trainer.

How to: Cross Trainer Maintenance

Regular maintenance such as lubricating and cleaning your cross trainer regularly can help keep it running smoothly and will give it a longer life.

Cross Trainer Noise Troubleshooting

Due the many moving parts, noises such as clunks or squeaks, can be a common issue with cross trainers. We explain how to locate the source of such noises and how to remedy them.

How to stabilise your cross trainer

Find out how to stablise your cross trainer. If there is movement coming from your machine when there shouldn’t be, follow these simple checks to help resolve the issue.

How To Stop Cross Trainer Squeaks

A top tip on how to prevent squeaks in the pivot arm of your cross trainer. A simple and effective fix explained by a chartered engineer that you can do at home.

JTX Strider-X7 Assembly Advice

Make sure to avoid any harness or wiring damage when assembling your machine. Pay close attention to the upper column area of your machine.

How To Repair Bent Pins

If there is no power going through to your console you may have accidentally connected the connectors of the harness the wrong way around. This can bend the pins making it hard to reconnect them, but we demonstrate a simple fix that could resolve the issue.

Where to Keep Your Equipment

It's important to keep your fitness equipment in the right sort of environment to prevent any unnecessary damage or wear.

How To Use Tools

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