Looking for a Cheap Treadmill?

When money is tight, buying a second hand treadmill may seem like a good option. But could it be more cost effective to buy new?

In this blog post, we explore the pros and cons of buying a cheap treadmill, second hand. We also discuss the benefits of buying new. Read on to decide which is right for you.

Tips for Buying Second Hand Treadmills

If you decide to buy a second hand treadmill there are a number of things to consider. Here are our top tips to help you get a great deal:

Maximum User Weight

Check the treadmill’s maximum user weight as this is a good indicator of build quality. The higher the maximum user weight, the more sturdy the machine and the better the build quality.


This is a good measure of the quality of a treadmill’s motor. Look for a machine with a 1.5 horsepower motor or more if you want to work out regularly. Avoid machines that measure their motor power in watts, as this indicates lower quality.


Consider the frame material. Steel framed machines will feel more “springy” when you run than aluminium.

Shock Absorption

Running is a high impact activity, so shock absorption is important. Look for a machine with a cushioned running deck.


Read reviews to check the reputation of the reseller. If the reseller is on eBay you can check their seller rating.


Look for a second hand treadmill that is a recent model. Buying a model that is more than five years old may mean it doesn’t have the features you need.


Ask how many users the treadmill had. A second hand treadmill with one user is a better investment than one that was used by the whole family. Heavy usage will increase wear and tear.


Check whether the treadmill has any faults or damage. Cosmetic damage is not too much of an issue. But machines with mechanical faults are best avoided.


When you buy a cheap treadmill, second hand, the manufacturer’s warranty is not normally transferable. But check that the reseller can offer a money back guarantee or warranty to protect you.

Why Buy New?

If you want to save money, buying a cheap treadmill, second hand is one option. But is it cost effective? There are a number of reasons why buying new may be a smarter investment.

Here are our top reasons why we think you should buy a new treadmill:

Latest Features

Buying a new treadmill means you’ll benefit from the latest features which will enhance your training. For example, a range of workout programs to boost your motivation.


Buying a second hand treadmill may be cheap, but what if it breaks down after a year? A new treadmill may work out to be more cost-effective as you’ll be able to use it for many years to come. Plus, you can expect a warranty for peace of mind.


What if your treadmill develops a fault? Buy new, and you’re covered. JTX Fitness offers industry leading in-home service warranties. If your machine has a problem that we can’t resolve over the phone, we’ll send an engineer to fix it.


Selecting the right treadmill for you is easier when you buy new. You’ll have recent customer reviews to read. It may be harder to find up-to-date information about second hand models.

Help to Meet Your Goals

JTX Fitness does more than sell fitness equipment. Buy new from us and we’ll support you in your fitness journey. Our outstanding customer service, free workout plans and access to a personal trainer will keep you motivated.

Recoup the Costs

You can recoup some of the cost of a new treadmill by selling it on if you have met your goals and no longer need it. This is a great way to benefit from the features of a new machine for a fraction of the cost.

How Much to Spend?

How much can you expect to spend if you decide to buy a new treadmill? Read on to find out as we explore the treadmill features available within different price brackets:

Under £300

For under £300 you can buy an entry level treadmill which will be suitable for brisk walking. The build quality of machines at this price point will be basic. The frame strength and motor power mean most cheap treadmills are not suited to regular running workouts. Some treadmills at this price point are manual and don’t have a motor.

£400 - £700

If you have £400 - £700 to spend, you can expect a reliable treadmill for indoor running workouts. Treadmills at this price point are suitable for light usage. The build quality and specifications will be ideal for beginners. The running deck may be quite small. For this reason, treadmills at this budget may be unsuitable for sprints or more strenuous training.

£700 - £900

If you spend £700 - £900, you can expect a robust treadmill. The running deck will be spacious and offer high quality shock absorption. You’ll enjoy a sturdy running experience and moderate maximum speed, suited to intermediate runners. A range of programs will help you to train effectively.

Up to £1000

By spending up to £1000, you will guarantee a superior treadmill suitable for both athletes and regular runners alike. With a durable running deck and a maximum speed of 20KPH, you can run without worry and test your limits. Quick start buttons are included to ensure you can quickly alter speed and incline - great for interval training.

Up to £2500

If you have up to £2500 to spend, you can expect a gym quality, interactive treadmill. Look for the ability to connect to a heart rate monitor, for heart rate training. The more you spend, the higher the maximum speed and motor power. With large running decks and commercial grade frames, machines at this price point are suited to advanced runners. Expect a 3 year warranty for home use. Some treadmills at this budget offer the option of commercial warranty.

For more guidance on choosing the best treadmill for your budget and needs, read our treadmill buying guide:

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Treadmill Maintenance

Whether you buy a cheap treadmill, second hand, or decide to invest in a new machine, proper maintenance is key. Caring for and maintaining your treadmill will improve performance and extend its life.

Discover how to look after your treadmill by reading our treadmill maintenance guide.

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