28 Day Plank Challenge

We've created a 28 Day Plank Challenge that will slowly train your body to improve in endurance, balance and core strength. The exercises can be done on either the floor, or for better results, on a vibration plate.

Consisting of planks and side planks, the challenge is simple to follow. Make sure you hold proper form throughout:

Plank: Elbows directly below shoulders, don't arch your back or lower your hips, keeping your body as straight as possible.

Side Plank: Again, make sure your elbow is directly below your shoulder, keep your legs together and place your spare hand on your hip. Remember to change sides and perform the exercise on both your left and right side.

Try to make the most of the challenge by transitioning straight from exercise to exercise, working your body as hard as it can. Each day builds on the previous, helping you build up to the final challenge of day 28 which includes a 3 minute 30 second plank and a 3 minute side plank on each side.

Core Strength 28 Day Plank Challenge

Just print out the plan, stick it on your wall and cross off the days as you power through the challenge. Keep us updated and be sure to let us know how you get on!

If you need help finding a suitable vibration plate please visit our buying guide.