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Used Gym Equipment vs. Buying New

Used Gym Equipment vs. Buying New

Are you considering buying used gym equipment? We give you tips on buying second hand and explain the benefits of buying new.

Read on to decide whether buying new or second hand gym equipment is the right option for you.

Tips on Buying Used Gym Equipment

Everyone loves a good discount. And buying used or ex demo gym equipment can be cheaper than buying new. But if you don’t know what to look for, buying used gym equipment can be a false economy.

JTX Fitness specialises in brand new, gym-quality equipment, with industry-leading warranties. Our machines offer you the best value, balancing high specifications with affordable prices.

While we don’t offer used gym equipment, we’re happy to offer advice on how to buy second hand. Here are our top tips:

Reputable Brand

Make sure you buy from a reputable brand that consumers rate. Check out reviews on TrustPilot or another independent review site to get honest opinions from real consumers.

Recent Model

Try to avoid buying a low model that is more than five years old. Older models may have dated features and programs. Will these features and programs support the way you want to train now? For example, if you love HIIT, does the model offer an interval training program?

Reason for Selling

The reason gym equipment is being sold can indicate whether it is a worthy investment. Is it being sold because it was never used? This is a better sign than if it is being sold because of poor functionality or low build quality.


Was the machine used heavily? Find out how many people used the machine and how regularly. A machine with one user who used it rarely is preferable.

Wear & Tear

What wear and tear does the machine have? Find out if the machine has any notable damage or faults that might make it liable to break down.


The manufacturer warranty is rarely transferred when buying second hand. But check that the seller offers a money back guarantee or warranty, so that you’re protected.

Want to learn more? We have written a series of blog posts to guide you through buying different types of used gym equipment. We also discuss the benefits of buying new. Discover all you need to know about:

Benefits of Buying New Gym Equipment

Although buying used gym equipment can be cheaper, it is not always the wisest investment. You may need to budget a little more for new gym equipment but it could offer you better value.

Here’s why buying new gym equipment from JTX Fitness is a smarter investment than buying second hand:

Latest specifications

Gym equipment is continually evolving. Buying new means you get a machine with the latest specifications and technology. Having the right features and programs will improve your workout. And, ultimately, help you achieve your fitness goals faster.

Investing in your long-term fitness

Used gym equipment may only have a year or two of use left in it. In contrast, a new machine should last for many years. Buy new, and you can keep working on your fitness goals for years to come.

High build quality

JTX Fitness prides itself on the build quality of our machines. Buy new from us and you can rest assured that you’re getting a sturdy machine, built to last. If daily strenuous workouts are your thing, our fitness equipment has you covered.

Ongoing support to meet your goals

Buy new, and you’ll have support from the JTX Fitness team to meet your fitness goals. Our customer service is exemplary, as our TrustPilot reviews attest to. Speak with our in-house personal trainer and they’ll create a training plan for you. Plus, we publish tonnes of workout guides to keep you motivated.

Industry leading warranties

Our in-home repair warranty gives you peace of mind. Should your machine develop a fault, we’ll send a specialist engineer to fix it. And if it can’t be repaired, we’ll send you a new machine.

No quibbles returns policy

We offer a 28 day, no quibbles returns policy. If you change your mind about your purchase, you can return it, no questions asked. You can even try it before you decide. Just keep the packaging. All you will pay for is the cost of delivery and collection.

Recouping the costs

Buy new and you always have the option of selling your machine once you meet your fitness goals. This will help you to recoup some of the cost. Buying something that is already second hand may make it harder to sell on.

Buying Guides

Need help choosing your new gym equipment? We have written a series of buying guides for each of our product categories. Read our buying guides now to learn exactly what you need to consider to get the best deal:

Used Gym Equipment Maintenance

All machines, old and new, need to be looked after. So, when you buy gym equipment it is important to know how to repair and maintain it. Second hand gym equipment may need maintenance work more frequently.

To help you out, we’ve created gym equipment maintenance guides for our range of products. Bear in mind that these guides are written with our new equipment in mind. However, many of the procedures and tips will still apply to used gym equipment.

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