How To Use A Cross Trainer

You will need to get to grips with the basics of how to use a cross trainer if you’re just starting out on the machine. We’ve put together a basic 20 minute cardio routine to show you some different ways you can use your cross trainer. It will help improve your technique whilst working all of the major muscle groups.

20 Minute Cross Trainer Cardio Routine:

5 Minutes- Forwards Motion With Hands On Moving Handlebars

The first 5 minutes are in a forward motion with your hands holding the moving handle bars. Keep your back nice and straight ensuring you have good posture. Remember not to lean over the machine. Turn the resistance up and really push and pull with your arms, this will use your chest and back muscles.

The tip as a beginner is to not go too fast and to keep a steady rhythm as you go.

5 Minutes- Backwards Motion With Your Hands On Moving Handlebars

The second 5 minutes will be in a backwards motion, again, with your hands on the upper swinging handlebars. The tip for going backwards on the cross trainer is to sit down and dig in through your heels. This technique will really concentrate on your quads, your glutes and your bottom. This is quite a tough section of the workout.

5 Minutes- Forwards Motion Using Just Your Legs

The third 5 minutes will again be going in a forward motion but this time it’s going to be using your legs only. As beginners, start off by putting your hands on the fixed handle bars in the middle of the cross trainer. Once you’re confident the progression is to then take your hands off of the fixed handlebars. This will really concentrate using just your legs as you exercise and will improve your balance using the machine. It will also engage those core muscles a little bit more.

Again do this exercise in a slow to medium pace in a nice steady rhythm.

5 Minutes- Backwards Motion Using Just Your Legs

The final 5 minutes is going backwards but this time using your legs only. To begin with you can put your hands on the fixed handle bars once again, but once you feel confident try taking those hands off. Going backwards without using your arms is the most difficult motion so please make sure you start off at a nice slow pace.

This concludes the 20 minute routine. There are plenty of other ways that you can use your cross trainer as you get fitter and more confident on the machine.