Abdominals Workout: Spider Man Plank

This abdominals workout can be done on the floor or for quicker results on a vibration plate. We are here to help you achieve your fitness goals in the convenience of your own home.

Spider Man Plank Abdominals Workout Instructions:

This is a high intensity abdominals workout. Start in a standard plank position ensuring your body is straight and your abs are tense. Bring one knee up at a time to meet your elbow then return it to the original position. Alternate between each leg keeping a controlled and slow motion.

Start on the floor for 30 seconds and then rest. To increase the intensity of this abdominals workout move to a vibration plate for 30 seconds at 30hz or low power. For more abdominals workout videos see below or search our abs workout library.

Benefits of Spider Man Planks:

The spider man plank is an effective abdominals workout. This exercise engages more of the core muscles than traditional core exercises such as sit-ups. Here are just some of the benefits of the spider man plank:

  • Helps promote a good posture.
  • Can reduce stress.
  • Intense core exercise.
  • Strengthens the muscles in the abdomen, arms, chest, legs and back.
  • Improves stability and balance.

This ab exercise forces your muscles to tense in order maintain stability. By adding the power of a vibration plate into this exercise your muscles have to work extra hard to keep balanced.