Step Aerobics Workout

Workout inspiration from our in-house personal trainer, Jess Lees. Helping you smash your fitness goals.

It might seem like a retro bit of kit (you don’t often see a step aerobics workout on Instagram) but there is a good reason why step aerobics workouts are still on many gym and health club timetables. The motion of stepping upwards or doing exercises on the incline or decline will add resistance and target your muscles more effectively. It’s perfect to use in your home as you can perform a whole workout on the aerobic stepper in a small amount of space. It’s easy and light to store away and its very adaptable.

So we’ve put together a step aerobics workout for you below – it really illustrates how versatile an aerobic step is. We’ve also included some quick bursts of cardio to get your heart rate up. Good luck!

Keep your movements light on the toes and using powerful bursts

Complete each exercise for 30 seconds

Take 10 seconds to get into position for the next exercise

Repeat 3 times

Perform this 3 times a week and you’ll soon see a difference in your strength and overall cardio fitness.

1. Pop Ups

Step Aerobics Workout

With feet either side of the step, jump your feet in and up onto the step – hop in/out up/down as quickly as possible with fast nimble motions. Soft on the landing to protect your knees.

2. Lunge

Step Aerobics Workout

Stand behind the step and alternate lunges with the front foot onto the step. Make sure your front knee does not pass over the toes. The front leg should be a 90 degree angle. Control the movement.

3. Bicycle Twists

Step Aerobics Workout

Sit on the step with one foot extended, one tucked in to your chest. Twist your upper body away from the straight leg. Alternate legs and twist your body from side to side quickly.

4. Squat Jumps

Step Aerobics Workout

Squat behind the step with feet a hip width apart. Jump up onto the step with one powerful movement. Jump backwards off the step into your squat and repeat with fast powerful movements.

5. Plank Shuffle

Step Aerobics Workout

In a plank position – hands on the step, feet on the floor. Shuffle along the length of the step moving your hands and feet but keeping your body as still and rigid as possible.

6. Skaters

Step Aerobics Workout

Standing on the step raise one knee towards your chest. In one movement squat down placing the raised foot behind and to the other side of your body – in a sort of curtsy. Power up to standing and repeat with the other leg – This might feel like a strange movement at first but you’ll get the hang of it.

7. Dips

Step Aerobics Workout

Place your hands behind you on the step about a shoulder width apart. Either have you legs straight out in front of you or slightly bent. Lower you body straight up and down. Make sure your shoulders are squeezed back and you elbows stay still and parallel to each other.

8. Running Up Steps

Step Aerobics Workout

Run up and down the step – two steps up two steps down – move your feet as fast as possible.

9. Leg Extensions

Step Aerobics Workout

Sit on the step with your hands behind you holding onto the step. Lean back slightly about 45 degrees. Extend your feet straight out in front of you and then instantly bring them back in knees to chest as close as possible.

10. Glute Bridge

Step Aerobics Workout

Lie down with the stepper in front of you, put your heels onto the step roughly a hip width apart. Squeeze your glutes and power up into a bridge. Lower down and repeat.