Rowing Machine Workout

This rowing machine workout consists of 2 different types of programs that you can do on your indoor rowing machine, like our JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine.

Program 1- The Continuous Pyramid

This program lasts for 15 minutes and is broken down into 5 different stages. With each stage your strokes per minute (SPM) will increase.

Stage 1- Row for 5 minutes between 18-19 SPM.

This stage acts as a gentle warm up to ease you into the program.

Stage 2- Row for 4 minutes between 21-23 SPM.

The key to this stage is trying to find and maintain a nice, easy rhythm.

Stage 3- Row for 3 minutes between 25-27 SPM.

You will find during this stage your heart rate will begin to increase.

Stage 4- Row for 2 minutes between 29-30 SPM.

As you increase the strokes per minute it is important to keep your breathing controlled.

Stage 5- Row for 1 minute between 32-33 SPM.

During this final sprint really try to keep your posture and technique to form.

Program 2- The 500 Meter Super Set

This rowing machine workout program should be done after a warm up, or, if you’re feeling very fit, after program 1.

All you need to do is row for 500m and try to do this in the quickest time possible. Try to set yourself a bench mark to do it under 2 minutes.

You then rest for two minutes and then repeat the process. The goal is to beat your first time and at least ensure you stay under your 2 minute bench mark.

You then rest again for 2 minutes before doing a 3rd and final 500m row.

As your fitness increases or your level increase from beginner to intermediate to advanced bring down those bench mark times to 1:50, 1:45 and so on.

Whichever rowing program you do remember to ensure you keep good posture throughout. Keep your back as straight as possible when driving backwards and remember; it’s knees and back first, followed by hands. Then, it’s hands first followed by your knees and back in recovery.

Rowing Machine Workout Equipment

When you're looking for the best kind of rowing machine for your rowing machine workouts, it's important to look at what type of resistance it offers. If you've used a rowing machine at the gym in the past, you'll be used to an air rowing machine.

Air rowing machines offer dynamic resistance, which matches your intensity and provides a rowing machine workout to match your fitness level. To find out more about rowing machine resistance types, read our rowing machine buying guide.

Take a look at our Concept 2 rower review to compare the specification of the concept 2 rower and the JTX Ignite Air commercial rowing machine.