What is a Wattbike®?

The ever-expanding range of training bikes on the market can be a little tricky to navigate. Brand names such as Wattbike® and Peloton® often pop when searching for an exercise bike. But what is it they really offer in return for their hefty price tag? In this blog, we'll answer the question, 'What is a Wattbike®?'. We'll look at the features and benefits and suggest some excellent Wattbike® alternatives.

What is a wattbike?

Photo Credit: Wattbike.com

The Wattbike®

A Wattbike® is an exercise bike designed to mimic road cycling while accurately recording power output in watts (hence ‘Wattbike®’). Recording power output means cycling performance, technique and heart rate can be analysed and refined. An external device such as a tablet or iPad is used alongside the Wattbike® to display data and connect with external apps.

The Wattbike® uses a dual braking system (both magnetic and air) to mimic the feeling of being out on the road, both on the flat and also climbing. The air-braking system recreates the feel of cycling on the flat using different gears.

The gear lever regulates the flow of air entering the turbine. The addition of a magnetic braked flywheel allows the rider to recreate the feel of climbing. Increasing the resistance moves a set of magnets closer to the flywheel, making it harder to cycle.

The Wattbikes® main focus is on analysing cycling technique. In-depth stats reveal even the finest details of your technique, such as the power output from each leg, and from each rotation. Helping you to cycle as efficiently as possible by concentrating on your power output rather than the more linear factors like time spent on the bike or distance travelled.

Wattbike® Benefits

Detailed Stats

If you feel your road cycling has plateaued and you are looking for an insight into your technique to improve, the Wattbike® will give you unparalleled data on every aspect of your ride.

Winter Training

In winter road cycling can be limited with bad weather and short days. Wattbike® training can maintain your cycling levels year round.

Excellent Connectivity

The Wattbike® connects with a wide range of apps without the use of any extra gadgets.

Wattbike® Alternatives

The Wattbike® is designed for serious cyclists looking to perfect their road cycling technique. If you are looking to buy a machine to improve your general fitness or to replicate an indoor spin class, it might be worth looking at our indoor training bikes instead.

The JTX Cyclo 5: Upright Exercise Bike is an affordable interactive option. It connects via Bluetooth to paid apps like Kinomaps to give you feedback on your performance and help you monitor your progress.

The Cyclo 6: Indoor Exercise Bike and the Cyclo Studio: Indoor Training Bike will provide a similar road cycling experience. Their resistance works in the same way, making them a brilliant Wattbike® alternative.

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