Looking for a Cheap Exercise Bike?

Buying a second hand exercise bike is an option if you want to save money. But could buying new be a wiser investment?

This blog post weighs up the pros and cons of buying a cheap exercise bike, second hand. It also explains the benefits of buying new. Which option is right for you? Read on to find out.

Tips for Buying Second Hand Exercise Bikes

When buying a second hand exercise bike, there are a number of things to consider. Here’s our quick guide to getting a good deal:

Exercise Bike Type

Do you want an upright bike, an indoor cycling bike, or an air bike? Different exercise bike types are suited to different fitness goals. Define your objective, be it weight loss, performance enhancement, or muscle tone. Then, match your objective to the most suitable bike type. Our exercise bike buying guide takes you through this process.


If you are looking at an upright bike, check it has a wide resistance range. This will ensure you continue to be challenged as your fitness increases. Riding at a high resistance will also allow you to simulate uphill cycling.


A larger, heavier flywheel will create a smoother ride. A bike with a flywheel that is too light may be jerky to ride.

Adjustable Seat

Look for a bike with an adjustable seat. This will ensure you can assume the right posture, to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Computer Console

Ensure that the bike’s computer console displays that core performance statistics you need it to. For example, not all bikes display RPM (rotations per minute). If this metric matters to you, check that the second hand bike displays it.

Build Quality

Exercise bikes with a poor build quality tend to weigh less. Check the total weight of the bike to ensure it is well-built and robust. This will ensure a stable ride. Avoid second hand bikes that weigh under 30kg as this suggests poor build quality.


Check reviews of the second hand bike reseller. Have other customers had a positive experience?


Look to buy the most recent model you can. This will ensure it’s features are up to date and will support how you want to train.


How many people have used the exercise bike? Bikes with a single user will be less worn and are a better investment.


Check the second hand bike for any damage. Avoid buying a bike with any mechanical faults.


When you buy a cheap exercise bike, second hand, the manufacturer’s warranty is not normally transferable. Instead, check that the reseller is able to offer a money back guarantee or warranty so you know you’re covered.

Why Buy New?

Buying a second hand exercise bike may be a cheaper option than buying new. But does it offer good value in the long-term? There are a number of reasons why buying new may be a better investment.

Here are our top reasons why we think you should buy a new exercise bike:

Latest Features

If you buy a new exercise bike, you can enjoy the latest features. For example, heart rate training via a heart rate chest strap. This will enhance your training and help you reach your fitness goals faster.


A new, well-built exercise bike will give you years of use. A second hand exercise bike may not offer such longevity. JTX Fitness offers a range of exercise bikes with outstanding build quality at affordable prices.


Buy new and you can read recent reviews to help you make the right choice. Having access to up-to-date reviews will give you a good sense of the pros and cons of different options. It is harder to access recent reviews for second hand exercise bikes.

Support to Smash Your Goals

Buy a new exercise bike from JTX Fitness and we will support you in your fitness journey. Our outstanding customer service, free workout plans and help from our personal trainer will set you up for success.


If you buy new, you’ll be covered by a warranty. We offer industry-leading in-home service warranties on all our exercise bikes. An engineer will come to your home to fix your exercise bike, in the unlikely event that it develops a fault.

Recoup the Costs

If you only want to train in the short term, you could recoup some of the cost of a new exercise bike by selling it on. This is a smart way to get to use a high-specification bike for a fraction of the cost.

How Much to Spend?

If you’ve decided to buy a new exercise bike, how much should you budget to spend? Read on as we explore what you can expect at different price points across each exercise bike type.

Upright Bikes

Upright bikes are an excellent way to increase fitness if you are new to working out. Here are the sorts of features that you can expect for a low and moderate budget:

£300 - £500

If you have between £300 and £500 to spend, you can expect a reliable, entry-level upright bike. The bike will be sturdy enough for daily workouts. An adjustable seat and handlebars will offer a comfortable experience.

£600 - £700

If you are able to spend between £600 and £700, you can expect an upright bike with a superior build quality. Bikes in this price range offer a super stable cycling experience. Expect gym-standard components and durability.

Indoor Cycling Bikes

Indoor cycling bikes simulate outdoor cycling. They are ideal for high intensity cardio training and sports performance enhancement. Here’s what you can expect at different budget levels:

£300 - £500

If you have a budget of between £300 and £500 you can expect a compact, indoor cycling bike. Cheaper exercise bikes tend to weigh less than more expensive models, so are a little less robust. They balance durability with transportability, and are suitable for daily use.

£500 - £700

Spend between £500 and £700 and you’re looking at a robust indoor cycling bike. Expect a supremely smooth ride thanks to an extra large, heavy flywheel. Stability is guaranteed at this price point with a studio-level total weight in the region of 60kg or more.

£700 - £1300

If you have over £700 to spend, you can expect a commercial grade indoor training bike. Suitable for vigorous, high intensity training, a robust build with premium components will offer maximum stability and longevity. Weighing over 70kg, bikes at this level allow cycling enthusiasts to push them to the max.

Air Bikes

Popular with CrossFit® fans, air bikes offer an intense workout and are ideal for HIIT training. Here’s what you can expect for your money:

£400 and under

If you have under £400 to spend you can expect an entry level air bike. The build quality on cheap exercise bikes like these will be basic. The maximum user weight and machine weight will be moderate. For these reasons, bikes at this price point may deliver a less stable riding experience than heavier duty models.

£600 - £1000

If you are able to spend £600 - £1000, you can expect a heavy duty air bike. With solid steel frames, machines in this price range are engineered for intense workouts. You’ll enjoy a high quality, belt or chain driven fan which offers infinite resistance.

For more guidance on choosing the best exercise bike for your budget and needs, read our exercise bike buying guide:

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Exercise Bike Maintenance

Whether you buy a cheap exercise bike, second hand, or invest in buying new, understanding how to maintain your bike is crucial. Proper care and maintenance will help maximise function and help to extend the lifetime of your bike.

To find out how to maintain your new or second hand exercise bike, read our exercise bike maintenance guide.

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