Looking for a Cheap Cross Trainer?

Buying second hand may seem obvious if you are looking for a cheap cross trainer. But could buying new be more cost effective?

In this blog post, we discuss buying second hand vs. buying new. Read on to decide the right cross trainer option for you.

Tips for Buying Second Hand Cross Trainers

When buying a second hand cross trainer, there are some key things to keep in mind. Here are our top tips to help you get a good deal:

Stride Length

Look for a cross trainer with a stride length of 16” or more. Cheap cross trainers may have a shorter stride length, which can create a jolty motion.


Consider a used cross trainer with an incline feature. This is not an essential feature. But it is something to look for if you enjoy a more intense workout.


A cross trainer’s flywheel dictates how smooth its motion is. Look for a flywheel that weighs more than 10kg. Cheap cross trainers may have lighter flywheels. These are best avoided.


Make sure you buy a cross trainer made by a brand that people trust. Read independent reviews before you buy. Check out reviews for the reseller too, if you can. If you’re buying on eBay, check the seller’s rating.


Try to buy the latest model you can find. Older cross trainer models might not have the features you need. You may want to resell your second hand cross trainer, so buying a more recent model is sensible.

Reason for Sale

Why is the cross trainer being resold? If it had a fault, you may experience the same problem. Machines that are sold because they were never used are the safest option.


How many people used the machine? If the answer is multiple, it may be quite worn and not the best investment.


Check if the second hand cross trainer has any notable damage or faults. Cosmetic damage is not too problematic. But any mechanical faults may make this a bad investment.


If you are buying second hand, the manufacturer’s warranty is not normally transferable. But ask for a money back guarantee or warranty from the reseller, for peace of mind.

Why Buy New?

Buying new may be more expensive than buying second hand. But, if you’re looking to make a long-term investment in your fitness, a new cross trainer could offer better value.

Here are our top reasons why you should buy a new cross trainer:

Latest Features

Buying a new cross trainer means you’ll benefit from a machine with an up to date specification. Having the latest features and training programs at your fingertips may make it easier to meet your fitness goals.


Buy a well-built new machine, you’ll have it to work out on for years to come. Second hand machines may not provide such longevity. JTX Fitness specialises in cross trainers with exceptional build quality at affordable prices.


If you’re buying new, you can read reviews to inform your choice. Understand which machines are popular by reading recent reviews of specific models. It is harder to access up-to-date information for second hand cross trainers.

Help to Meet Your Goals

Buying a new cross trainer from JTX Fitness means you’ll get support to meet your fitness goals. Our exemplary customer service, free workout plans and access to a personal trainer will help you transform your fitness levels.

Peace of Mind

Buying new means you’ll be covered by a warranty. JTX Fitness offers industry-leading in-home service warranties on all our cross trainers. In the rare event that your machine develops a fault, we’ll send an engineer to your home to fix it.

Recoup the Costs

Buying a new cross trainer, means you can recoup some of the cost by selling it on. It is good to have this option if you only want to train to meet short-term goals.

How Much to Spend?

If you decide that buying a new cross trainer makes sense for you, it’s time to set your budget. But what can you expect for your money? Here’s a quick guide to the build quality and features you can expect within each cross trainer price bracket:

£100 - £300

Looking for a cheap cross trainer? You can buy an entry level cross trainer for home use for between £100 and £300. If you are looking to take light exercise, cross trainers at this price point may suit you. With short stride lengths and manual resistance, you may be restricted to a walking motion. Short stride lengths also make cheap cross trainers unsuitable for taller people. Basic build quality means machines in this price bracket are not suitable for regular or intense workouts.

£300 - £500

You can buy a reliable cross trainer, suitable for regular home use, for between £300 and £500. A 16” stride length and machine weight of 40-60kg indicates a well-built machine within this price bracket.

£500 - £1000

If you have up to £1000 to invest, you can purchase a high quality home cross trainer. Within this price bracket, you can expect a stride length of between 16” and 20”. This creates a smooth running motion, allowing you to fully exert yourself.

Machines at this price point should offer excellent build quality. A high flywheel weight, machine weight and maximum machine weight are good indicators. Some machines will also feature an incline feature. This will help you get a more intense workout that targets your stomach and thighs.

Over £1,000

If you buy a machine with an RRP of over £1000, you can expect a commercial grade cross trainer.

Look for high end, gym-grade specifications and outstanding build quality. A long stride length of 21” or more will allow for a fluid, sprinting motion. Designed for constant use, your whole household could enjoy regular, intense workouts on a machine at this price point.

For more guidance on choosing the best treadmill for your budget and needs, read our cross trainer buying guide:

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Cross Trainer Maintenance

Whether you buy a cheap cross trainer, second hand, or invest in a new one, proper maintenance is key. Knowing how to maintain your cross trainer will help ensure that it performs well and increase its lifespan.

To find out how to maintain your cross trainer, read our cross trainer maintenance guide.

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