Top Marathon Training Tips

We know many of you are currently in marathon training mode at this time of year, and using a JTX treadmill to get yourself in tip top condition is perfect for the big day. Whether you are running for charity, to get fit, or just for the thrill of it, it takes a lot of motivation to keep up with the regular training needed.

marathon training

We don’t have a magic wand to get you fit and ready for the 26 miles, and we can’t lie to you, it will be hard work. We have some top marathon training tips to help you improve your chances of reaching the finish line in one piece.

Make A Schedule

Create a marathon training schedule. Sticking to your schedule and tracking your progress is key for improvement. Knowing where you are in your programme at all times.

Get The Right Kit

Shoes, socks, running top, shorts. If it looks snazzy but rubs and is uncomfortable don't bother with it. Wear the gear that makes you feel comfortable. It will improve your performance if you don't have to think about it. You can focus fully on your training.

Mix Up Your Training

Increase your efforts week-on-week and be sure to vary your distances over each week. This will stop your routine from getting dull. It will also help build and maintain your stamina and fitness. Also, try to mimic the course as much as possible. It will prepare you.

Eat Sensibly

Just because you're exercising more doesn't mean you should be eating pizza everyday for lunch, burgers for dinner and snacking on crisps and sausage rolls in between.

And for the day itself, our top marathon training tips are:

  • Eat your usual breakfast and have a snack around an hour before the start.
  • Write your name on your vest to make sure you get plenty of support from spectators.
  • Drink little and often.
  • Pace yourself, you don’t want to burn yourself out.
  • Don’t count the miles.
  • Have small targets and praise yourself when you reach them.
  • Coat your feet in nappy rash cream or a lubricant like petroleum jelly to avoid the dreaded blisters.
  • And finally….enjoy it! You’ve been training for months so enjoy the amazing atmosphere.

Don't forget to take a look at what our personal trainer, Simon, has to say about planning for your marathon in the video below:

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