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Exercise Bike Maintenance Guide

Exercise Bike Maintenance Guide

Keeping your exercise bike in top condition with regular maintenance will help extend its life. Partnering with chartered engineers and fitness machine specialists Northwick, we've created a series of videos offering straight forward and qualified advice on subjects varying from maintenance, assembly and troubleshooting common problems found with exercise bikes.

How to assemble an exercise bike

Top tips on how to assemble an upright exercise bike. Focusing on the care points that often cause issue when putting together a machine, we show you how best to assemble your bike.

How to Stabilise Your Exercise Bike

Find out how to stablise your indoor exercise bike. If there is movement coming from your bike when there shouldn’t be, follow these simple checks to help resolve the issue.

How to adjust a loose saddle

If the saddle on your indoor exercise bike is wobbling it can be easy to fix. Tightening the fixings and adjustors on the seat and stem could help resolve your issue.

Indoor Training Bike: General Maintenance

General maintenance advice to perform on your indoor training bike to make sure you get the most life out of it. As simple as wiping your bike down after use and tightening up adjustors. When wiping down your machine, you must use an alcohol-free, non-corrosive cleaner. Try a weak alkaline solution followed by a dry cloth clean.

How to lubricate pedals

Over time pedals on indoor training bikes can be subject to wear. Find out how to keep them maintained simply by lubricating them every six to twelve months.

How to tighten adjustors

Adjustors allow you to find your perfect riding position when using an indoor training bike. Over time these adjustors can become loose. We demonstrate which adjustors will need tightening up to ensure a comfortable, safe and stable ride.

How to lubricate brake pads

Lubricating the leather brake pad on you indoor training bike every six to twelve months will help keep your bike running smoothly. Please note, felt brake pads should not be lubricated. Only lubricate leather brake pads.

Where to Keep Your Equipment

It's important to keep your fitness equipment in the right sort of environment to prevent any unnecessary damage or wear.

Fitness Equipment Maintenance Advice

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