Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

Autumn starts tomorrow. The end of the summer can cause us to feel de-motivated. When the sunshine starts to fade and the days get shorter it's tempting to begin your winter hibernation. You could just snuggle into the couch and let the duvet take you as one of it's own. This especially feels the case this year as Great Britain actually had some good weather.

It is important to try and lift your spirits. A good way to do this is with exercise. We all know that exercise increases your endorphins. So why not give yourself some fitness goals this autumn?

autumn goals

Setting realistic goals and achieving them will increase your motivation, improve your organisation and give you some pride in your achievements.

Here are some of our top tips for those autumn goals:

Engage in some healthy competition

A fun way to motivate yourself is to have a healthy competition with your loved ones. A perfect way to do this is with a treadmill. Our JTX Sprint-5 has 4 individual user programmes to keep track of who can run the furthest in a month. You could have a competition like this on any fitness equipment that has individual user programmes. So take advantage of the shorter days and spend evenings at home on a treadmill.

Make your goals specific

There's no use in setting vague goals. If you don't specify what you want to achieve there's no way you can achieve it. Instead of saying 'I want to get fitter' say 'I want to take 5 minutes off of my 10k time by Christmas'.

Don't go crazy and make impossible goals for yourself. You won't be able to achieve them and then you will lose you motivation. Create small goals, regularly. This will give you a regular sense of achievement each time you succeed at a specific goal. This will give you constant motivation.

What are some of your goals this Autumn? Try and put our 3 top tips in place and you should smash them in no time. We would love to hear how you get on.

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