The Benefits Of Sleep

The benefits of sleep, rest and relaxation are vast and are as important to health as exercise is. Sleep is proven to boost your mood and improve your over all being, both inside and out. How many hours do you sleep at night?

benefits of sleep

For some of us it can be hard to relax. With the change in season and the temperature dropping it is important that we take care of ourselves to avoid those pesky winter bugs. It is extremely important at this time of year to get some rest and not wear yourself down.

When you have a lingering cold, it can be hard to drag yourself to work, never mind trying to attempt your workout routine. It is important to listen to what your body is telling you. As much as exercise and ensuring you stay fit are important to your health, rest and recovery can be just as important. Exercise and relaxing are not mutually exclusive to one another, they go hand in hand in improving your health.

There have been many studies to prove the health and fitness benefits of sleep. One such study by Stanford University looked at American football players who attempted to get 10 hours sleep per night for 8 weeks. This increase in hours slept by the athletes correlated with a marked improvement in their average sprint times, the players exhibiting less fatigue in the daytime and them having an overall increase in stamina.

So don't feel guilty about those extra hours of sleep and definitely don't worry about not doing exercise when you don't feel well. If you are under the weather and start exercising it could cause you to feel negative towards exercise.

It's key to listen to your body and make sure it gets what it needs to perform at its best.

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