The Benefits Of Aero Boxing

Aero boxing is a new fitness regime that combines the techniques of boxing and aerobics. A new and improved, 21st century boxercise.

It's a challenging and enjoyable way of exercising and the benefits of aero boxing are numerous. They include fat burning and improved flexibility, to name but two.

aero boxing

No matter what your level of physical fitness is, you can get involved. Aero boxing entails intervals of both aerobic and strength training, so you can control your limits. You can take part if you are a complete workout novice or boxing pro.

It is is similar to shadow boxing as both involve boxing jabs and techniques that don't involve any physical contact with anyone else. When combined with an aerobic routine, aero boxing utilises different types of self-defence moves to increase the cardiovascular workout. This combination of cardio makes it a great method for tackling those weight loss goals. It's this exercises constant movement that makes for it's effective nature.

Aside from flexibility and weight loss, aero boxing is also a good way to of increase your coordination, strength, speed, and stamina. It can also help to improve your muscle tone over time. Aero boxing is a lot of fun, especially if you do it with a gang of your friends.

It's still a relatively new term in the UK and we hope to see classes popping up in our local gyms soon. In the mean time you can find lots of aero boxing workout videos on YouTube. Give it a go and do let us know how you get on!

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