Vibration Plate Stretches

Stretching exercises are an important part of your routine. Stretching helps to prevent injury and prepares your body for exercise. Here a couple of specific vibration plate stretches that you can do to warm up and limber up before your workout.

Quadriceps Stretch

It is important to keep the upper body and back straight and the stomach tensed during this exercise. Place one shin on the machine and place the other foot off the machine with the knee bent. By pushing the pelvis forward the quadriceps will be stretched. It is possible to vary this exercise by moving the back leg gradually forwards.

Hamstring Stretch

This exercise will stretch the buttock and hamstring muscle groups. Stand with a wide stance on the machine’s plate with the buttocks pushed back. Holding the handles let the torso drop as far forward as possible. As an alternative this exercise works if standing up straight the arms and upper torso are allowed to drop forward.

You can find more vibration plate exercises and stretches over on our YouTube channel.

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